7 Beautiful Home Improvement Ideas to try in Stockholm

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Buying a home in Stockholm is a dream for many as the city is a very desirable place to own a home. Everyone would love to make their home the most beautiful place. But people don’t always have sufficient money to be invested in remodeling every once in a while. Hence, the delaying of the idea happens often.


And sometimes one just doesn’t come up with the right idea of  home improvement. So here we have compiled for you some awesome ideas that won’t be too heavy on your pocket and if necessary you can hire a Målerifirma Stockholm as well to speed things up.


  1. Teak Wood: Teak wood furniture are among the first things that you would like to add to your home in Stockholm. Among all other varieties of wood like wicker, bamboo, oak wood, etc. teak is the most famous one, teak is a special type because it takes eighty years for its full development as a tree. And teak is rich in oil and lasts tremendously long and adds glamour to your house.


  1. Remodel the doors: Doors can bring a substantial change in the appearance of your house. You can research some good doors with suitable colors for different rooms. And if door purchasing isn’t an option then you can repaint the existing ones as well.


  1. Shelves: Shelves play a big part in defining the aesthetics of a house. Old conventional shelves that look pretty much like shelves itself which are nothing but big boxes of wood are completely out of trend now. Look for modern shelves that are pieces of wood with enough space that look like they are floating in air. These kind of shelves have good utility, saves space and adds to the visual appeal as well.


  1. Lighting: Lighting plays a very unique role in a home makeover because you can change everything except the lights and there will be some difference but if you change nothing but just the lighting then you might be surprised. Lighting can be modified so that you get the perfect throw of light on your furniture, art pieces and show pieces. You can add a chandelier as well. Ambient lighting will also add up to the look and if not the entire house then use ambient lighting at least in the bedroom.


  1. Kitchen remodeling: Kitchen remodeling can be a difficult task as if needs much more effort than any other part of the house because before redoing the kitchen you have to clean the clutter that got accumulated over time and there are some non removable items in the kitchen as well. It is important to change the location of the kitchen shelves while remodeling, use all the storage spaces and keep items away from sight as that will add up to the looks of the kitchen. You can also add a bar fridge under the kitchen counter.


  1. Bathroom makeover: Bathroom makeover gives you a lot of options to choose from, you can make changes to the tiles, the flooring, the taps and fixtures. You can make changes to the storage space as well. These days more and more people are going for a spa like look in their bathroom, you can try that as well.


  1. Add a sun room: This can be a unique addition to any house as it can provide for a good morning coffee space or just a good place to sit under the sun. The building of a sun room requires an unused space and additional wood. Make sure you have big windows for this space and choose suitable furniture for this space like coffee table, chair, etc.


Home remodeling can be an hectic task but it is totally worth it as the changes might make you feel like you have a new home altogether. Make good use of these ideas and have a great time in planning and executing the ideal of remodeling your home in Stockholm.

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