6 Ways to Increase the Home Value through Renovation

Home renovations can be cost-intensive. However, the money allocated for upgrades can be quickly recouped when it is time to sell. Typically, home sellers and flippers want to get the best value of the money spent on making home improvements. Who wouldn’t want the best deal? So, before starting with a remodeling project, it is best to do some pencil-pushing first on the remodeling considerations concerning the cost implications. Ultimately, the renovation should be a worthy investment by commanding a higher selling price. Of course, there are urgent renovations like flood damage repair, gutter maintenance, or mold removal. However, some remodeling ideas enhance the value of your home ten-fold. Here are six ways to increase the value of your home through renovation. 

Remodel your kitchen

Updating the kitchen can significantly enhance the appeal of the interiors. Kitchens are the most utilized and high-traffic area in the home. Thus, kitchen remodeling is a worthwhile project. However, it is vital to scrutinize the materials to be used, their cost implications, and their added value. For example, it is more cost-efficient likewise equally appealing to use granite than marble countertops. In using granite, recouping the investment can be quicker. 

Refurbish your basement

When space is a limitation, consider renovating your basement into an added room. It can be a home gym, a media room, or a playroom for the kids. Adding space or a room can enhance the value of a home exponentially rather than retaining it as an attic or storage space.

Build a home office

With the option to work from home, it is cost-efficient in renovations to create a home office. This space can attract potential buyers because more companies are giving employees the alternative of telecommuting. Extra space can be easily converted into an office by ensuring an ample work area, ground outlets, data ports, and an additional phone line.

Enhance light and space

Worthy real estate and dark and cramped rooms do not blend well. In increasing the value of a home, a non-negotiable aspect is elevating the appeal of the space by creating seamless flow and enhancing the natural light. Create an open floor plan by knocking down walls and creating larger rooms that are conducive to entertaining.

Create a deck

In doing deck installations, take time to plan out the layout and the amenities. Invest in unique features that can improve the home value, such as a pocket garden, barbecue fire pit, and built-in benches. Utilize high-grade and quality materials to impact the longevity of the deck space.

Consider landscape and curb appeal

The adage first impression lasts, applies to the curb appeal of your home. In renovations, front yard landscape and curb appeal are vital to selling. Salient points to consider are exterior paint, properly maintained pavement, and lawn. Also, refresh your deck with outdoor furniture and well-manicured gardens.


There are various home renovation projects to undertake in increasing the value of your home. Ensure that it is a worthy investment by carefully planning the layout, scrutinizing the integrity of the materials, and sticking to the allocated budget. In this way, you can carry out unique upgrades to your home while having the upper hand in selling.