• 6 Steps to Improving Your Lawn

    A healthy, green lawn cannot be achieved by planting your grass and watching it grow. You need to make the necessary steps to get it to where you want it. That said, below are steps to improving your lawn.

    Cut the Grass to the Recommended Height

    If you are trying to improve your lawn, you need to cut it to the recommended height. The last thing you want is to cut your lawn too short, leaving it susceptible to diseases and other harmful bacteria. If you have no experience mowing your lawn, consider hiring an expert to get it done. Alternatively, you can always find out the recommended height, depending on the grass type, and do it yourself.

    Use Natural Lawn Fertilizers

    Natural lawn fertilizers are the best for any lawn compared to the synthetic lawn fertilizers. They are environmentally friendly and above all, they have been proven to work better and produce greener lawns than their counterparts. What’s more, you can always find more than one option of the natural lawn fertilizers to choose from.

    Water Longer but Less Often

    How you water your lawn greatly impacts its health. A lot of experts recommend watering longer but fewer times a week. Watering it for a longer period allows the water to drain deeper into the roots compared to running your sprinklers for a shorter time. However, this does not mean you should be waterlogging your lawn. It just means you should be watering the recommended amounts based on the inches of soil. This way, your lawn will be able to endure hot days and brutal seasons.

    Sharpen Your Blades Well

    A well-mowed lawn is always attractive but it cannot be achieved if the blades in your lawn mower are blunt. Before giving your lawn a cut, always check to see if the blades are sharp enough, as it also prevents it from attracting clumps. Also, you can use your cooking spray on the blades for a smoother mowing process. If your mower is old and cranky, you can check out the Tool Report for reviews on lawn mowers and other tools you may need to keep your garden in shape.

    Add Earthworms to Your Lawn

    Earthworms are an important part of your lawn and will help to keep it healthy. If your lawn has not been looking healthy, try introducing earthworms to it instead of changing it. Earthworms add nutrients to the soil and make it a suitable medium to grow grass. They chew through the soil, and as a result, they create air pockets in the lawn. You can start by adding the earthworms in the stubborn areas of your lawn and you will surely notice changes.

    Aerate Your Lawn

    If your lawn is not properly aerated, its health will without a doubt be poor. You need to aerate your lawn at least once every year. This can be done using a handheld aerating tool to punch tiny holes on the lawn. This helps to improve air circulation, nutrient absorption, and water absorption; translating into a healthier lawn.



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