6 Best Architecture Schools in the World

Where To Study: The World’s Top 6 Architecture Schools

The professions of architect and engineer have always been prestigious. Specialists earn good salaries and are unlikely ever to be unemployed. The occupations are essential in any country and city in the world. But, as in any profession, to become a genuinely first-rate professional, you need to study well and initially make the right choice by entering a worthy educational institution. The experts at Writemyessay, who provide do my essay’ service, have compiled a list of the six leading architectural schools in the world.

Bartlett School of Architecture

The school is one of the best in architecture and one of the best universities in the UK. However, students often note the severity of teachers and the learning system. Some even say that studying at Bartlett school reminds one of a dictatorship. But everyone understands that all this is a harsh necessity if you decide to become a first-class architect.

Students at the school can prepare and exhibit on their own. This is possible because Bartlett is under the patronage of the famous Foster + Partners, which is a leading firm in the field of architecture. The firm annually hires students and alumni from the school who have performed outstandingly at the show, either as interns or even for jobs. As a result, the architects’ Journal ranked the school as the best architecture school in the UK for the last 11 years. And the school itself is ranked number one in the Guardian university league tables for architecture.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)

One of the most prestigious institutions of higher education in the United States and the world. The Massachusetts Institute of Technology is an innovator in robotics and artificial intelligence. Although it is a technology institute, it offers other programs, including management, economics, linguistics, political science, philosophy, music, and, of course, architecture.

However, the tuition is also impressive: until about eight years ago, it was about $40,800. In addition, the institute’s buildings are made in different architectural styles, giving them a unique atmosphere and desire to visit these educational buildings.

The institute always provides a place in the dormitory for international students. Also, it allocates a mentor who, for example, helps to solve the psychological problems associated with the move. And it is vital when you are away from home.

Politecnico di Milano

If you love Europe with all your heart, then do not ignore Italy. Sudents from all over the world come to this country precisely because of the high level of education in architecture in Italy. Politecnico di Milano is the best polytechnic university in Italy and general in Europe. It prepares future architects, designers, managers, and even medical engineers.

The university has 16 faculties and nine schools. Although Italian universities usually have no homework and no compulsory attendance, this is certainly not the case for PoliMi. Here attendance is checked, and to qualify for exams, you have to do project work. If some tasks are difficult to do, ask for help from real professionals in your field. Experts of such companies provide various writing services, including term paper writing, homework help. Specialists are also ready to suggest several steps in writing a successful speech.

But once you graduate from the Polytechnic of Milan, almost any door will be open to you.

Delft University of Technology

The University of Delft was established in 1842 as a Royal Academy of Engineering by King William II. Today it has one of the top 5 architectural programs in the world. The university has eight faculties, which include Europe’s only aerospace engineering department. It is here that research is constantly taking place in technological processes, energy, infrastructure, and urban mobility that have given rise to, for example, a high-speed solar-powered car, a robot soccer player, and a skyscraper made of flexible glass.

National University of Singapore

Like many other universities on the list, the university is ranked among the top universities in the world. It offers 27 undergraduate and 115 graduate degree programs. They include architecture, design, construction, engineering, art, business, medicine, law, and more. The University of Singapore has a unique opportunity to study at two faculties simultaneously in the Double Degree program. Students can attend classes of different programs and faculties during the first two semesters to determine the choice of specialty faster and more efficiently.

Studying two programs at once is not easy. There are a lot of assignments waiting for you. If doing your homework is not on your list of priorities, or if you don’t have time for it, it’s easier to ask for help from an experienced expert. You can delegate to this website both simple work that you don’t have time for and complex work that you can do independently.

The Faculty of Engineering is the university’s most prominent department. It includes the departments of Biomedical Engineering, Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering, Industrial Systems Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, and others. The Department of Engineering at the University of Singapore was ranked sixth in the world in the academic ranking of global engineering universities.

Tsinghua University in Beijing

It is the permanent leader in the National Ranking of Universities of the People’s Republic of China. According to the latest data, the university has 16 institutes (where there are 56 faculties). Among them: the Institute of Architecture, the Institute of Civil Engineering, the Institute of Mechanical Engineering, the Aerospace Institute, the Institute of Electrical Engineering, the Institute of Engineering Physics, and others. The university, however, has age restrictions. To study at the undergraduate level, you must be at least 25 years old. And for master’s degree programs, you must not be older than 40.