• 5 Top Tips for Lighting a Home Interior Décor

    Lighting is among the fundamental elements that you need to consider when contemplating your home’s atmosphere, ambience, and flow of space. Knowing how to balance lighting can make all the difference to making your dream home come true.

    For example, you should know that bright lights are the most suitable when you want to remain fully alert, while soft or dim lights will come in handy when you need to sleep or relax. Homeowners need to strike the right balance of lighting for their home. 

    Here are five lighting tips to help you bring out the best of your interior décor.

    1. Come Up with a Lighting Plan

    An ideal lighting plan is one that carefully balances the moods and lights of each room. Create a lighting plan or mini brief if you intend to redecorate or start from scratch. Your plan should tackle all the essentials and consider all the activities that occur in each room, e.g., working, relaxing, or eating.

    It should also account for all the critical features you would like to highlight through your lighting plan. Think about output, scale, and style before making any design-related decisions. Preparation is key to eliminating rushed decisions and unwanted headaches.

    2. Incorporate Natural Lighting

    Natural light is obtained from combustion sources such as candles and fireplaces or the sun. It’s crucial to consider available daylight when you plan your rooms’ interior designs.

    The design settled on will determine whether there’s a need to acquire drapes and blinds to control the light. Hearths and candles generate a soft light with a welcoming glow, which typically works wells with dining and living rooms.

    3. Use Spotlights

    When it comes to lighting, you can choose to be dramatic or subtle, depending on your lifestyle preferences. Spotlights are a perfect way to highlight items such as your favourite sofa, painting, or a well-positioned mirror located on a wall.

    Strategically placed spotlights can add sophistication, elegance, and warmth to any space. It’s what makes them an ideal addition to interior décor designs. For example, pointing them at the centre of a table will make the diners feel welcome and will help to draw them out to the others in the room.

    You should learn to use coloured bulbs or lights with varied lighting temperatures. These can either add or subtract from the colour scheme you are already using.

    4. Light Up Your Stairs

    Interior décor lighting shouldn’t be restricted to ceilings and walls. Adding some lights to your stairs can prove beneficial while also adding some swag to the house. Remember that poorly lit staircases are hazardous at night.

    In most cases, the stairs tend to be enclosed. Therefore, consider lighting them from the sides or have an electric contractor embed them in the rises.

    5. Details

    Keep in mind that lights can simplify your home life a lot, but only if you use them properly. For example, it makes sense to install lights in drawers and closets so that you can easily organise your possessions. Lights placed in a hallway, on a landing, or on top of a mirror will assist in facilitating daily life. Such lamps are necessary for improving the home’s appeal.

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