5 tips for choosing right awning for your home

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An awning will serve you right if you want a place where your children can play or somewhere that will serve as a barbeque porch. There is a wide range of different awnings you can consider for your home, the type you choose may depend on the size, use, and your preferences. Here are some tips you should consider when choosing the right awnings for your house;

The Material of the Awning

The first consideration you should make is the type of material used in the making of the awning.  Different types of awning materials mean a different level or type of maintenance servicing. Since the two commonest types of awnings for the outdoor area of the home are fabric and aluminum, you will likely choose between these two for yourself. Fabrics come in aesthetically appealing colors but they require more maintenance than aluminum types. On the other hand, the aluminum awnings are more durable and sturdier but they don’t offer an opportunity for much customization.

The Angle of Installation


Most homeowners may ignore this factor when choosing retractable awnings. The angle of the awnings is important to the overall performance of the product. If your windows are facing east or west the drop angle recommended for awning installation is between 65 and 75% for optimal performance. If your window is facing southward, then the drop angle of the awning could drop to 50-65%, due to the angle of the sun.

Extra Accessories

You will surely need extra accessories to install or make the awnings work efficiently. Though the more the accessories included, the costlier the products become. The side panels are some of the essential retractable awning kits you must consider. Side panels will change the architectural design of the awnings, and they can also provide cover from a different direction just in case the awnings are not providing enough coverage.

Stationary or Retractable?

Retractable awnings are better than stationary options for many reasons. For instance, retractable awnings can be easily adjusted when not in use, hence it can be the best for decks and patios. The motors and switches attached to the retractable awnings make control a lot easier. The advance retractable awning kits contain wind and sun sensors, which means the awning can easily detect the weather conditions and position of the sun and wind for automatic adjustments.


The size of the awning you choose should depend on the total space you want to be covered. While the smaller awnings might be more decorative, the larger awnings provide more cover or shade to the outdoor space.


Though the style of the awning you choose may be the last factor to consider it is cool if you choose a style that can match the overall look of your home. The traditional and closed or open sides are some of the best styles of retractable awnings you can find today.  You can also find the dome-style, standard double-bar, waterfall, semi-circular entrance, and the quarter barrel. It is important to seek the help of a professional installer to ensure that the awning is installed properly for maximum effect.




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  • My husband and I have been thinking about getting an awning for our home. We don’t know what style we want but we want to make sure that we get one from a professional. It was really interesting to learn about the angle of installation.

  • Thank you for providing a list of the different types of materials that awnings are made of. My wife wants to get a retractable awning for our patio in our backyard. I’ll make sure to talk to my wife about what kind of material we want to use for our future awning.

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