5 Things You Need to Think About When Repairing a Building’s Foundations

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Any damage to the foundation of a building needs to be investigated immediately to determine where the problem lies and how best to correct it. In certain situations, the property owner is not aware of the damage until the problem becomes severe. Fortunately, the home does not have to be torn down in this situation. With the right repair provider, a property owner finds he or she can have the problem corrected in a short period of time and feel safe and secure in the building once again. Following are five things to consider when this type of repair is undertaken.

The Type of Repair

When repairing a foundation, remember that what works for a concrete slab foundation won’t be appropriate for a pier and beam foundation. Make certain the foundation repair provider has experience with the type of repair needed and ask him or her why the particular repair is being recommended. While one repair may cost more than another, take into account how long the repair will hold and how it will affect the resale value. More will be covered on this topic below.



Who Will Do the Work?

Foundation repairs typically cannot be completed by the homeowner. Make certain to choose a reputable company with experience in this type of repair. Although it would be nice to save money on fixing this portion of the home, a licensed and insured provider needs to be selected. The home rests on the foundation, and any work that is not done correctly could lead to additional structural damage and more costly repairs in the future. Furthermore, it could make the home unsafe if the problem isn’t rectified promptly.


Additional Work Needed

When the foundation of the home is damaged in any way, additional work may be required to correct the situation. For example, if moisture is making its way into the crawl space, the yard might need to be graded to ensure this does not happen again. In certain situations, basement walls may begin to bow and steps must be taken to correct the issue and fix any damage that has already occurred.


Selling the Home

When a property is sold, any work done to the foundation must be disclosed to the buyer. This is another reason why individuals must take care to ensure a reputable provider is used and the work is done properly. Nobody wants to learn a sale has fallen through due to an improper foundation repair. Be aware that the type of repair completed can have an effect on the sale price of the home as well. Keep this in mind and choose the repair that is most appropriate for the situation being encountered.


The Cost

Property owners often worry about the cost of a repair of this type. However, the foundation of the home is a critical part of the structure and therefore any problems cannot be ignored. Keep in mind the price will vary based on the type of damage, the extent of the damage, and the type of foundation. Furthermore, be sure to obtain quotes from a minimum of three providers to ensure a fair price is obtained.

Never neglect the foundation of the home. It is simply too important to the overall safety and security of the building. If you believe you may have one or more problems with a building’s foundation, call for help immediately. You won’t regret doing so, as the sooner the problem is rectified, the less expensive the repair tends to be.

One thought on “5 Things You Need to Think About When Repairing a Building’s Foundations

  • Doing a quick foundation repair before selling the home makes perfect sense, as you wouldn’t want the buyer to uncover problems. We’re just about to start staging our old home since we found a much larger one that we like more, and I want the transaction to go without a hitch. To do that, I’ll call a foundation repair expert as early as now so we can get some help.

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