• 5 Key Benefits Of Having A Suitcase Generator At Home

    In modern times, it’s impossible to live in a home without power. Energy plays a huge role in ensuring that your house operations run as they should, from appliances to security features. Factors like harsh weather may lead to power outages, affecting your home’s energy supply. For this reason, more individuals are considering purchasing suitcase generators to guarantee that a home has a constant power supply to improve its productivity. 

    This article discusses what you need to know about suitcase generators. You’ll learn what a suitcase generator is, its key benefits, and much more.  

    What Is A Suitcase Generator?

    You might be wondering how you could get power from the same thing that you keep your clothes when going on a holiday, right? Suitcase generators are technological advancements that have made it easier for homeowners to power their homes’ operations in case of a power outage.

    It refers to a device that generates energy anywhere without being plugged into a solar panel or the main grid. For this reason, a suitcase generator may be the perfect device for an off-grid adventure; thus, you can conduct home operations no matter the situation. 

    It’s called a suitcase generator due to the handle on the top of the device. Thus, as you may have guessed, you can carry it like a briefcase or suitcase. 

    How Do They Work?

    Most suitcase generators run off petrol or diesel. The type of suitcase generator you’ll choose will depend on the availability of the fuel. Other types may run off dual fuel, meaning they can utilize propane canisters to generate energy. 

    To start a suitcase generator, you’re supposed to pull a cord just like you’d start the motor in your car. As mentioned previously, a suitcase generator runs off different fuel types, so if there is no fuel inside the generator, it won’t generate any power. Follow the given instructions to ensure you safely operate your suitcase generator to power different appliances in your home.

    Benefits of A Suitcase Generator

    The following are the benefits of having a suitcase generator in your home:

    1. Provides Emergency Power

    Most home operations would stop in case of a power outage. This will not only affect productivity but also compromise security features. A suitcase generator will provide the needed energy to ensure regular home operations. 

    For instance, most people depend on computers to complete tasks in this technological era. Thus, you don’t have to go to a hotel room to charge and use your gadget with a suitcase generator. This will ensure you continue working from the comfort of your home, even during power outages.

    Another way a suitcase generator may provide emergency power is when a patient depends on a medical device for survival, such as an oxygen concentrator. Thus, a power outage may pose some life-threatening situations. A suitcase generator will provide enough energy to power medical devices and guarantee a normal daily life for a home-based patient. 

    1. Provides Power For Recreational Use

    Another benefit of a suitcase generator is that it provides energy to power appliances when you’re away from the main source.  It will ensure the success of outdoor events, like camping. Using a mobile generator, you can power appliances, such as lighting, mini refrigerator, and others. Additionally, if you have a camping vehicle, a suitcase generator will allow you to enjoy the comfort of your home wherever you are.

    Likewise, it might be hard to go to an outdoor event without access to the internet. With a suitcase generator, you can charge your laptops and portable routers so you may check your work emails or communicate with your colleagues. This will not only improve your comfort while camping but also ensure you’re informed about work situations and current events.

    1. Mobility

    When you opt to purchase a suitcase generator, you get a crucial feature: mobility. You can easily take it with you and use it in case of an emergency. It would be best to understand that these generators are available in different sizes. Thus, it’s vital to conduct extensive research to ensure you get a portable device that meets your needs and expectations. 

    1. Cost-Effective Options

    The cost of a generator will vary depending on whether it’s an onsite or a portable device. Onsite generators may be costly to purchase and install, thus leaving a huge dent in your pocket. Meanwhile, suitcase generators may have a lower price range, making them the best alternative for most homes. 

    Factors like model and power capacity may influence the price of your suitcase generator. With so many brands to choose from, ensure you’ve done your research to get the best deal on the market. This way, you get value for your money and an efficient device to power home operations. 

    1. Prevents Damage

    A power outage may destroy perishable food, like vegetables. This will not only lead to food wastage but also starvation in case of an emergency. With a suitcase generator, you can easily power appliances, such as a refrigerator, to preserve food for future use. Before using your generator to power home appliances, though, ensure it can provide sufficient energy. 

    Power outages may also destroy electrical devices. This may lead to the loss of important documents. Thus, using a suitcase generator may save you a considerable amount of time and money when trying to undo the damage.

    Factors To Consider When Purchasing A Suitcase Generator

    Choosing an ideal backup generator for your home use can be a daunting task. The following are some factors to consider to ensure you choose the right generator for your home:

    1. Runtime

    Runtime refers to the amount of time your generator will run before refueling. Thus, you’ll have to choose a generator with the ideal runtime to meet your needs and requirements in case of a power outage. Choosing one with a lower runtime might not power your home operations efficiently.

    1. Product Reviews

    It’s important to consider customers’ testimonials to gauge whether the device will meet your needs and expectations. Avoid purchasing a product with mostly negative reviews as you’ll most likely have the same experience with the same product. 


    As discussed here, suitcase generators will play a huge role in ensuring the normal running of home operations during an emergency power outage. Ensure you conduct extensive research to get the ideal device so you’ll make the most out of your purchase.

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