5 Easy Steps in Leveling up Your Interior Design Skills

You just found the right place to get tips on mastering your expertise. Whether you have them for your passion or for a related line of work, interior design skills can surely come in handy, especially in our Architecture and Design world. 

Pursuing a career in the field can be ultimately rewarding. Moreover, the industry is getting bigger and is continuously rising. By 2024, revenues of interior design services in the U.S. are projected to reach up to approximately 12.4 billion U.S. dollars! 

If your goal is to sharpen your interior design skills or officially make it your career, then now is really the best time to start. 

  1. Stay Inspired and in the Know

Let’s face it. Even the greatest designers get their inspirations from trends and everything around them too! Try looking at your favorite designers’ websites or random art pieces and observe. Get your creative eye working and spot designs that you like. Make a regular habit of saving these little details because they might spark some big ideas for you in the future.


Tuning in to all the industry and technology trends will help you stay ahead of the curve. But this doesn’t mean you have to follow them all. Practice identifying the good ones from the bad ones and make your own predictions too! Who knows? You could be the trendsetter soon!

  1. Utilize These Free Apps

The best things in life are free, like these interior design applications we’ve found! Schedule your own “career sessions” and practice your design skills with these apps from time to time. Head over to your app store to see which ones are available for you:


-Homestyler App


-Planner 5D

-Sketch Up


-Design a Room



-Sweet Home 3D

  1. Level up with Free Online Courses and Programs

There is no end to learning—it’s now made even better with online courses & programs. And the good news is we’ve found you ones that are offered for free!

Home Design Institute is an educational institution which specializes in the field of Interior and Landscape Design. They have a wide range of offerings that can help you start your journey in the industry or refresh your skills and advance your career!

Take your skills to the next level! Check out their free online course on interior design in their website. 

  1. Grow Your Interior Design Network

As you grow, your work relationships should also follow. Keep building strong connections with people. Start from your best mentors to your fellow designers. It’s also great to network with merchandisers and suppliers. This will allow you to easily achieve your future projects!

You can also go virtual and join interior design groups through social media groups and communities. If you can’t find any, you can be the one to start it!

  1. Build a Portfolio that Stands out

A successful interior design career largely depends on your work. You may have all these designer knowledge and experiences, but you will need a portfolio to back that up. For beginners, you can start by making small and independent projects featuring your own room or home. Seek out other experience-building opportunities like internships, apprenticeships at interior design firms.

If your experience is not enough, you can consider offering your services at reduced rates and showcase more people who trust your work. 

Don’t forget to add in all the best projects along with the additional courses and certificates you have. These will surely get you noticed!


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