5 Common Plumbing Problems That Might Render Your Home Dysfunctional

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It doesn’t matter how beautifully designed an interior is; if the plumbing is poorly installed behind the scenes, then the beauty of the home can come crumbling down and lead to longterm problems.

After spending a ton of money furnishing your home, the last thing you want is damage caused by faults in the plumbing systems. Water leakage and flooding can render your interior design useless. Water causes expensive damages that might leave your home dysfunctional, so make sure you check for these five common plumbing problems before it’s too late:

1) Clogged Toilet

A blockage in the toilet is not a very fun experience to deal with. If the bowl fails to drain away the water or waste, then you are dealing with a clog. This kind of blockage usually results from a mixture of human waste and paper. 

The most common DIY solution is using a plunger or sewer snake to unblock the toilet’s drainage system. However, some stubborn situations might need the intervention of an experienced plumber. Check out https://amarcoplumbing.com/dissolve-poop-stuck-toilet/ to learn more about unblocking a clogged toilet.

2) Leaking Pipes

This is one of the most damaging problems that could cause you hundreds of dollars in repairs. Leaking pipes can damage your floor, furniture, and also cause dampness that might attract mold and bugs in your home. Most pipe leaks go unnoticed and are only identified when the damage has already occurred.

Most leaks occur during the winter due to the freezing and expansion of water in the pipes. However, it’s essential to check the pipe joints regularly because that’s where most leaks happen. You can use compounds, fillers, or tape as a temporary measure before you call your plumbers in Hastings to replace the leaking pipes. 

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3) Sewer System Backup

Ignoring blocked toilets and drains in your home can cause sewer system backup. This is a big problem that might cause discomfort, health, and expensive repairs. 

The best way to prevent sewer backups is to have your drainage systems and toilets working at all times. Do not ignore the simple clogs in your home. Avoid flushing things like facial tissues, diapers, and napkins down your toilet.

If you’ve already experienced a sewer system backup, the solution depends on where the blockage is located. If the blockage happens within your house, then you need to have a plumber deal with it immediately. In case the blockage occurs out of the public road, give your water company a call. 

4) Dripping Faucets

Dripping faucets might be the reason for the irritating odor in your home. It can also push your water bills up due to the consistent loss of water. The most significant cause of dripping faucets is damage to internal washers. 

You might have an internal washer that is worn, dislodged, stiff, or torn due to consistent use. With the right tools, it only takes a few minutes to replace or position the internal washer. You can do these repairs without the help of a professional.

5) Slow Draining or Clogged Shower Drain

Dumping hair and soap in your bathroom might cause blockage in the drainage system. You can use simple tools such as a sewer snake or plunger to eliminate the blockage. You can also try pouring some vinegar and baking soda to dissolve the clog.

You can prevent build up by using a drain guard to ensure hair and other materials do not sip into the drainage. 

Bottom Line

Your home’s interior can suffer a big blow if your plumbing system is not in order. Keep your systems in check to avoid blockage or water leakage that might damage your furniture, floor, or other fixtures.