5 Backyard Decorating Ideas to Enhance Your Pool Area

As we spend more and more time in our own backyard these days, we want our pool area to be especially welcoming. For a long time, pools weren’t seen as something that needed a lot of decoration, but just a status symbol or a functional piece of equipment to be used when the weather is right. That has all changed. With many public pools closed due to the pandemic, and with people looking for ways to improve their own backyards, people are looking for new ways to increase the appeal of their pools.

Here are five ways to make your pool area into something more than just a place to swim.

  • Lighting and Decorative Fireplaces

Changing the lighting is one of the easiest and simplest ways to transform how an area looks. Adding the right lighting in the pool itself will let you swim later into the evening, while lights around the pool make it a centerpiece for other evening activities.

 Simple, floating candles in the pool for an adults only cocktail night, or solar lights around the perimeter both add to the ambiance. Hanging lanterns volunteer a soft light as they move in the breeze, while even tiki torches can be moody and keep the pesky bugs away. You can consult an electric expert on other ways to spruce up your pool’s lighting.

Beyond the pool itself, decorative fireplaces give you the option to finish a kids’ pool night off with s’mores, or to sit around and chat with a glass of wine. People naturally gravitate towards a fireplace, and as the evenings cool down in the autumn, they make the pool area cozy and welcoming.

Even during cooler months, you can keep your pool area usable by covering up your pool area with a pool blanket. Not only does this keep your pool water warm, but it also keeps it free from leaves and twigs, making it still a lovely centerpiece for your pool area.

  • Plants

Adding in plants around your pool area can be tricky. You don’t want to add in plants that will overhang the water and shed leaves or berries into it; that will add extra maintenance to the pool instead of increasing its usefulness. Depending on your pool area design, adding in potted plants can be a simple way to mix up the texture and colour around your pool area while allowing you to keep them safely away from the water’s edge. In general, adding plants and green features to your pool area will help it to look more like a natural feature of your yard and less like something that has been added in.

  • Matching furniture with storage

You need a place to sit. Since this is an outdoor, waterside location, you’ll need some solid, waterproof furniture. Wicker is a popular choice, with matching waterproof cushions that are comfortable and can be configured in different ways. Modular units that allow different configurations let you change how you entertain guests, and pieces that double as storage units give you extra room for pool toys, charcoal for the stove, or anything else you might need.

  • Shade

On the very hottest days, even the pool can’t keep you cool and comfortable all the time. Creating a shady area makes lounging by the pool more enticing on hot afternoons, and prevents dangerous sunburns. You could build a small, open gazebo, or you could simply set up some large umbrellas that can be opened up to protect visitors from the sun. It all comes down to your choices and preferences and overall design of the pool. Having a permanent shady spot can open up your entertaining options, as it would allow you a space to entertain outside that is protected from the elements.

If you live in a hotter climate, consider extending that shade to your pool itself. Keeping your pool in the shade with a pool blanket prevents a lot of water from evaporating quickly. Ironically, keeping your pool in the shade can actually help keep the pool warmer on cool mornings; with a pool blanket, less heat is lost overnight due to evaporation. You’ll keep a more even water temperature all day long, making your morning swim a bit more enjoyable.

  • Updated tile

If you want to radically transform the look of your pool itself, consider redoing the pool tiles. Chances are that they are cracked and faded anyways, especially if your pool is older. Beyond the physical condition of the tiling, you may prefer a different color – or even the chance to add in some color to an otherwise boring, white pool.

Updating the pool tile is definitely more labor-intensive than some of the other options on this list, but it offers the most potential to transform the look of your pool area, giving you the chance to radically modernise the overall feel of your pool and better tie in your pool with your decorating choices.

Implementing these five design ideas for your pool gives you the opportunity to give your pool area a much-needed facelift, and will encourage you to spend more time both in and around your pool.