4BHK Luxurious Apartment Is A Balance Between Pastel And Vibrant Shades | Spazio Interiors

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4BHK Luxurious Apartment Is A Balance Between Pastel And Vibrant Shades | Spazio Interiors

Concept and Objective of the Project:

Our vision for this project was to embellish each space uniquely and differently from the other, such that each space provides us with its own magical realism. As much as we were fascinated by this idea, it proved to be highly challenging as we worked through. Considering the corridor as the focal point, we conceived our design as such that all the spaces except the master bedroom opened through the corridor and led to the separation of the private, semi-private and public spaces from each other. The master bedroom was designated its own commanding presence.  

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Project detail and Description:

We worked on the current space of the residence of Mr. Jhunjhunwala. The site is located in one of the most well-lit areas of Kolkata. We converted a 5BHK apartment into 4BHK. Mr. Jhunjhunwala is one of our oldest and constant clients whose residence has been designed in a very contemporary and modern style.

We worked on a carpet area of 3500 sq.ft situated in one of the most luxurious housing complexes with the idea of blending the exterior with the interior. We tried installing certain elements such as using adequate lightings to compliment the metal pieces. The color schemes were also used proficiently to balance between the pastel and vibrant shades.  

In this four-bedroom apartment, each space has a story to narrate beginning with our point of focus, the corridor. The corridor bears a rhythmic approach, enhanced with the play of light, welcoming the guests into our mini world of warmth and uniqueness. This extravagant transitional space further opens to the semi-private zones.  

The palatial master bedroom has been designed diligently, primarily focusing on giving it a voluminous look. The numerous splendid seating, collaged with our idea of space enhances the level of comfort, setting a rich appeal in residents’ eyes. The interplay of textures and material application exemplifies the dramatic appeal of the master bedroom making it the highlight of our work.  

In accordance with our vision, we designed the bar area using dark colors, giving it a very rustic look inspired by the local bars in the city of Budapest. The bar has been extended to a den forum, opening a space to enjoy a fun movie and get comfortable with friends and family.   

The entire design of the balcony revolves around the concept of bringing nature to your doorstep. The balcony faces the living room so that one can feel the beauty of both sunset and sunrise just by sitting on their couch. The living space bathes in a natural light transforming the mood and ambience of the house throughout the day. The balcony provides a bird eye view for the entire city.  

In the bedroom, the first object of attention is the bed whose urge of commanding presence is to be fulfilled. Inspired by the geometrical figures, we played with colors in multiple layers, handing a young and vibrant spirit to the daughter’s bedroom. The customized glass panels at the side, compliments the bed back, completing the artistry work.  


Firm Name: Spazio Interiors

Project Type: Apartment Inteiror

Client’s Name: Mr. Vivek Jhunjhunwala

Built-up area: 5000sq.ft

Location: Kolkata, west bengal

Design Team: Shree Kumar Tapadia, Kishan Kumar Tapadia, Anand Kumar Tapadia.

Photography: Debatnu Akulik


We are a team of Interior Designers based in Kolkata. Our firm has been on the stand for the past 3 generations with 50 Years of experience. I have been leading in this firm for the past 3 decades and have largely worked in the corporate sector. With the onset of our 3rd generation, we have now further expanded our field of work in architecture and furniture designing. 

The concept of creating each space differently came to us as a challenge in terms of making the residence a ‘home’. Our endeavors to take it to a next level of luxury, viability, and perfection came out well. Shree Kumar Tapadia ( Interior and Furniture Designer).

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