4 Eye-Catching Fireplace Design Ideas That Will Make Your Home Look Amazing

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Fireplaces are a great addition to any home. They add warmth to the room, but they also make the room more elegant.

Different types of fireplaces can be made using different kinds of material ranging from stone to wood, thereby adding fashion to the setup. These materials also come in different varieties, which make it easier for you to find something unique and more personal to your specific style.

Given the full range of fireplace designs available, choosing a style can be more challenging. ideas that can help you transform your home using a fireplace include:

Patterned cement style

Concrete fireplaces also have the ability to make any room more vibrant. Concrete is known for its strength and durability, which means it can add significant value to your home.


The best part is that such fireplaces can be customized to match modern trends and designs without spending too much money. Concrete also works perfectly with corner fireplaces. They also allow you to create any theme ranging from vintage to modern.

You can choose any color, artwork, or style to make the room breathtaking. Whether you have a fireplace in your bedroom or your living room, adding a concrete design will showcase your boldness and make the room more charming.

Marble slab fireplace

Marble is one of the materials that exudes elegance and style. It has the ability to make any room vibrant and classic. Marble is also widely used in other places, including kitchen and bathroom counters. In fireplaces, marbles create amazing surroundings with the paneling, and there’s no limit to the designs you can choose to work with.

For instance, you can place charcoal marble around a traditional fireplace to get a more modern look. You’ll not just end up with a functional fireplace; you’ll also get a fireplace center of attraction.

Another great idea with marble fireplaces is to have white marbles surrounded by white paneling. This will increase the aesthetics of the entire room and make it easier for you to add some pieces of art for decorations.

Country style fireplace

This is one of the oldest and widely used fireplace designs. While it mostly works with centrally placed fireplaces, you can incorporate some ideas that will make that fireplace different from others that use the same design.

One of the ways to break the monotony of country style fireplaces is to add wood paneling above the fireplace. This will bring a high contrast primarily if you paint the wood a contrasting color like white. You have to make sure that that color doesn’t contrast too much with the surrounding wall paintings.

Adding another height on top of the fireplace can also make the fireplace a centerpiece. It also gives you a chance to try out different arrangements and put our creativity into use.

You can create a shelf between the two heights and use it for some of your art pieces. Just make sure that those pieces complement the pieces you have places on your walls to give the room a blended feel that makes it complete. You can also lace a mirror or a clock on that shelf.

Brick fireplaces

Bricks and stones are also excellent materials to use in a fireplace. They come in a wide variety, which makes it easier to select a suitable style. Rather than choosing plain colors, you can try out different brick colors to add brightness to the area.

You can also use the same color, such as white, and then use accents with different colors to make it more relaxed.

With bricks, you can also bring a better balance to the fireplace. You can also add some mood lighting above the fireplace to make the room cozier and draw more attention to the fireplace. Bricks also work perfectly with other materials socially in the fireplace center.

You can change the hearth pad to brightly colored tiles, and you’ll have a perfect finish that draws people’s attention to the fireplace.


Whether you’re looking for a contemporary fireplace or a vintage one, these ideas will work for you. Your designer can help you figure out the specifics like the styles and texture as well as finishing.

These ideas also work for those who are looking to renovate their fireplaces and those building new fireplaces alike. Remember to consider prices and other factors like durability as well as the ability to hold and distribute heat when choosing a style.


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