2020 International Architectural Awards Announced

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The Architectural Awards Winners for the year 2020 have been announced, with the most deserving projects getting the honors. The awards feature an elite cluster of building projects and urban planning building structures from around the world that have met the required standards in the industry. Featured are some high-end public structures, which take a break from the marvels of the rich 7; and famous. Here are some of the most outstanding building structures in the 2020 International Architectural Awards.

CopenHill Energy Plant and Urban Recreation Center

Also called Amager Bakke, CopenHill won its way to the 2020 International Architecture Awards due to its unique structure and the environmentally friendly ideology. Apart from the beautiful architectural setup, the building serves as a carbon-neutral asset of the city. Far from competence in structural beauty and neutralizing carbon, its voluminous make also serves as a recreation center in the urban and environmental education base.

Lille Langebro, Copenhagen

This cycle and pedestrian bridge have been named the world’s most outstanding cycling and walking bridge. It gives Copenhagen’s waterfront a global reputation for facilitating mobility and appropriate scenery view. The 160m bridge won the Danish Client Realdania competition, and the custodian of the victory remains the Copenhagen Municipality. While playing a significant role in connecting Vester Volgade from the City Hall to the harbor, it also harmonizes the Danish Architectural pride. On top of that, the curved bridge has two swinging sections that create beautiful scenery when ushering in marine traffic.

Jishou Art Museum

Jishou Art Museum is yet another architectural structure that took a monumental position in the American Institute of Architect awards 2020. Contrary to many contemporary institutions in China, this Art Museum standing in Xiangxi’s significant capital directly connects to the community. The museum gives the residents of Jishou access to the artifacts by cutting down the formalities associated with other museums. For instance, people can have a personal encounter with the artifacts on their way to or in their daily activities.

Calgary Central Library

This modern Library contributes hugely to Calgary’s education heights while also accommodating a significant number of visitors annually. For this reason, it claimed a position to the 2020 AIA awards, beating many other competitive building structures. It seamlessly fits in the advanced urban environment surrounding it with 75,000 square feet of entry plaza, not to mention the outdoor amphitheater that facilitates the real-time programming to reveal in the outside world. Additionally, the whole building has the same pattern encasement, making every side play a “front.” The all-round face gives it a simple visual identity while also making it easy for the inside wayfinding.


The Architectural program brings to life the 2020 building awards in honoring the diverse ways architecture touches our lives. These significant structures worldwide objectively improve day to day activities regardless of their size, style, type, location, and budget. Today, countless buildings worldwide contribute about 70% in supporting human activities, leave alone giving shelter. But only a few came out in the 2020 architectural awards for their unique service to humanity and the environment.