• 13 Wall Art Ideas To Liven Up Your Space

    If the walls of your house are too bare, you might need some wall art ideas to liven up your space. Art pieces can give a finishing look to your place, making it more stylish and complete.

    In choosing a good wall art, it’s important to consider that it’s not just charming on its own, but also capable of blending with the surface it’ll be displayed on. Wall arts like Viking wall art and tapestry work great in sprucing up any boring space.

    Nonetheless, if you’re not into tapestries, you can always pick from the diverse art pieces available online or at your local art shops. If you’re not sure how to choose, see some wall art ideas below and choose which ones fit your space, style, and preferences.

    Contemporary Wall Mirrors

    If you’re not a big fan of framed art, you can always opt for contemporary decors like wall mirrors. You may choose from extra small to medium round mirrors or any other shapes that you like and put it creatively on your wall. For example, if you only have a simple mirror, you can always design its frame to make it embellished before posting it on your wall. You can glue some gemstones on the frame of your mirror (if you’re a gem lover) or seashells (if you’re into beach decors) to make it more eye-catching. 

    Creatively placing mirrors on your wall can make a big difference to the overall view of your space. They can brighten up your space and create an illusion, making your small space look bigger and brighter.

    Attractive Canvas Art Prints

    If you’re looking for a three-dimensional, durable wall art, a canvas art print may be one of your best options. This type of wall art is easy to frame and comes in various sizes. You can get no matter what size you think will match the dimension of your space perfectly and use it on your wall.

    You may also print your favorite photo—one taken with your family, friends, or partner—based on the size and color that you want and post it on your empty wall. If you’re into photo-editing, you can enhance the photo before you have it printed out to improve its quality or add some visual effects. If you’d want that but aren’t adept in post-processing an image, you may hire a freelancer or a creative agency to do it for you instead.

    Art Gallery Wall 

    An art gallery wall can give more character to your space. You can hang your old photographs, various pieces of art or décor, and many more. Choose simple frames or stylish varieties to blend things up, making your gallery wall more intriguing and amusing to look at. With this, you can transform your drab walls into a centerpiece in your home.

    You can experiment with various styles and wall art types like a mix of bold block color prints, bright idiosyncratic patterns, art images, or photos of your beloved family.

    Oversized Painting Or Photograph

    Another idea you might be interested in is an oversized painting or photograph. This type of wall decor can quickly get attention due to its size, unique styles, and colors. If you’re a minimalist, you can opt for a black and white photo. On the contrary, you may have an abstract piece with vibrant colors if you’re into loud, colored pieces.

    Oversized painting or photograph can create a striking statement, irrespective of your space size. It can also add depth to your space, especially if you don’t have any windows in your room. You can also just set it up on the floor instead of hanging to add dramatic effect to your interiors.

    Accent Wall

    Apart from art objects for your walls, you can also enhance your walls too. You can utilize bright paint colors to make an accent wall. You can also opt for patterned wallpapers, wall stickers, and more!

    Wall accents can make your room appear bigger than its true size and help highlight enthralling features of a room, such as asymmetrical wall and other architectural detail, making it more obvious to the naked eye.

    Decorative Tapestry 

    A decorative tapestry can add tone and ornament to a dull wall or space. You can look for various tapestry available online or use pretty scarves or textiles and frame them to your wall. These types of decor are easier to transfer than framed arts if you decide to move to a new place or replace it with another art piece.

    Wall Mural

    Liven up your walls by painting a mural on them! Adding a mural to your bare wall can make a huge difference to your living area or bedroom. A mural wall graphic size is incomparable to the standard graphic. Therefore, this type of art gets more attention than the ordinary ones. It makes your place more appealing and your walls, creatively enhanced. 

    To start with your wall mural, you may opt for hand painting or wall coverings that’ll make your space look more unique and attractive. If you’re going to hand paint, make sure to have your desired design ready to make the execution smoother and faster. If you’re new to mural painting, it’s safe to choose easy patterns to paint on your walls like waves, spirals, and simple lattices.

    However, if you’re quite skilled in art, you can go for mosaic and other difficult patterns or images you want to paint.


    Another decorative idea to make your space livelier is by installing shelves. You can put various displays on them such as books, figurines, sculptures, and many others. This enhances the view of your space as the onlookers can see various interesting stuff on the shelves.

    Plate Collections

    Do you have those fine crockery in your cabinet? Then, it’s time to show them off! You can showcase your exquisite plates on your walls by using plate hangers and let everyone see your invaluable collections. You can also set-up an open shelf plate display or put them in a cabinet plate with glass front.

    Wall-Mounted Planters

    Another inexpensive way to liven up your space is to put wall-mounted planters to add some natural greenery to your wall or space. Nonetheless, if you don’t have time to take care of an actual plant, then you can opt for high-quality fake plant to still have that green look on your wall.

    Oversized Calendar 

    Make your room stand out by putting an oversized calendar on your wall. This type of wall decor works well in your office or kitchen. This is pretty useful too as you can easily track schedules while giving an accent to your room.

    Wall Of Baskets

    Another artistic way to brighten up your space is to create an art wall of baskets. You can add colorful baskets to your walls in varying sizes to make them look more creative. You can also opt for neutral colors if you’re not into vibrant colors.

    Large World Map

    Placing a large world map on your wall can be a great and memorable décor as you can pin those countries that you have already visited. This can bring memories of your past adventures and remind you of the places you want to explore. 

    You can put color-specific pins on the countries that you’ve already visited and pins of another color for the countries that you want to visit.

    Final Thoughts

    Wall arts are essential if you want your living space to be more welcoming and vibrant. You can choose from various wall art pieces available like hanging tapestry, accent walls, adhesive murals, and more. If you’re still looking for art pieces for your walls, you can browse online and purchase your preferred art form to start putting life into your dull living space!

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