12 awe-inspiring Paris apartment ideas to steal

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Paris is always a good idea. You’ve probably heard this quote a few times, right? Well, you better believe it; from the iconic Eiffel Tower to the historic Notre Dame Cathedral and the awe-inspiring furnished apartments in Paris, you can’t help but fall in love with this city.

Today, we’ll focus on Parisian apartments. What’s so unique about them and what decorating ideas can you steal from them? Let’s find out below!

A touch of gold

Parisians are well-known for their love for glamorous things. And what better way to fulfill that desire than throwing in a touch of gold in their apartment interiors? Most people like it (the gold) surrounding a big wall mirror, a gilded frame on top of a fireplace, table legs or frames, etc.


Chilled flowers

While it’s common to bring in a bouquet in your chic room, you want to avoid getting too fussy by mixing colors and flowers. That’s not the Parisian way! You can stock up as many flowers as you wish, but ensure they’re all similar.

Illustrious drapes

Go to any Parisian apartment, and the first thing you’ll notice is a romantic scene of overflowing drapes and other relevant elements. Silk or linen are always eye-catching but if you fancy bold colors, they always make glorious drapes as well.

European antiques

Parisian interiors are often synonymous with innate European antiques. They’re an excellent investment and incredibly versatile to fit in any room of the apartment. Some popular (imported) antiques also include Louis XIV, Louis XV, Louis X, Louis XVI, and chinoiserie.

Quiet palette

Forget about the bold, bright colors – they don’t add value to a Parisian chic room. Instead, you want to create a chilled palette that blends unique finishes, shapely pieces, and cool finishes. Some popular palette decor ideas include painting walls in warm linen hues or chalky green colors, monochromic layers of gray, metallic touches, etc.

Wall sconces

Sconces are popular Parisian apartment decor elements because they take up less space than floor lamps. The best part is that the sconces’ lightings blend perfectly well with wall patterns, making them an excellent decor idea for TV rooms.

Pocket doors

If you don’t have the luxury of space in your apartment, then pocket doors can do you a great deal in optimizing the little space while still bringing in the touch of elegance. Most Parisian apartments have them between the living room and the bedroom to create that tidy division.

Marble fireplace mantel

Parisian apartment owners love marble fireplace mantels for the charm they bring to the room. They may be a bit costly, but that’s not an issue, considering that their presence exudes the coziness and warmth you need to cuddle with your partner, enjoy a cup of coffee, read your favorite book, or simply relax.

Wall molding

Most high-end Parisian apartments rarely miss a wall molding preferred for shaping the space. The molding is usually extensive and tends to cover both the doors and ceilings throughout the apartment. They also provide a seamless, more professional, and smoother look.

Wrought iron balcony

Wrought iron balconies are the face of most Parisian apartment exteriors. Traditionally, most apartment windows in Paris were extraordinarily tall. And the wrought iron balconies provided some sort of protection, especially during installation. The tradition has since stuck among modern apartments and the iron scroll designs have become an iconic element in Parisian apartments.

Crystal chandelier

When it comes to lighting, you can’t beat the Parisians. Many apartments feature at least one chandelier to bring in the sparkle that every room deserves. We highly vouch for the small crystal pieces as they tend to reflect adequate light that makes space feel more elegant and livelier.

Structured furniture

The idea is to tie the room together if you want to bring out that unique Parisian look. Structured furniture keeps everything calm, relaxed, and beautiful while still saving on space. To copy this Parisian look in your apartment, acquire a sizable sofa with elegant lines. And ensure it’s made of comfortable fabric with a color that compliments your room to emulate the French ambiance.

Your turn!

That’s it for Paris apartment ideas worth stealing. Apply these tricks in your home and watch it evolve naturally into an elegant space only comparable to a 5-star hotel room.

Which of these design ideas would you easily apply to your apartment? We’d like to hear your feedback in the comments below.