• 10 Ways to Earn PMP® Renewal PDU in 2023


    The PMP® certification exam is only one aspect of getting the Certification. Once a candidate has passed this comprehensive, they must keep their certification current in order to prove their qualifications. During each three-year certification cycle, certified project management professionals (PMPs) are expected to obtain 60 Professional Development Units (PDUs), which have been discussed in detail below.

    Let’s understand the PMP Renewal and ways to earn it.

    What is PMP® Renewal?

    After passing the PMP® exam, you must continue to keep your knowledge current by completing the CCR program in order to keep your PMP® Renewal certification status active. Each PMP certification cycle is valid for three years, and during that time you must accumulate 60 Professional Development Units (PDUs) in order to renew your certification at the conclusion of the cycle. An additional three-year cycle starts when you successfully finish the first one. Your credential will be suspended for a year and then become invalid if you do not achieve the required number of PDUs by the end of the third anniversary of your PMP® certification.

    Why Renew Your PMP® Certification?

    The PMP® certification is well-known around the world and is regarded as the top honor in the field of project management. The PMP® certificate is valid for three years; after that, it is suspended for one year and then is no longer valid. Even though PMI requires you to renew your PMP® certification, doing so will help you keep up with changes in the corporate world and preserve your PMP experience. Candidates do not need to repeat the PMP® exam; instead, PMI requires members to level up their industry knowledge, which is a fantastic chance to keep up with the industry’s best practices in professional development activities.

    What Are PMP PDUs? Why Do You Need It?

    PDUs, as defined by the PMI®, are professional development units where a candidate spends 60 minutes studying, imparting knowledge, or giving back to the community. By gathering and keeping track of these throughout a three-year period, you may maintain your PMP® certification status. Following the achievement of your Project Management Professional (PMP®) certification, you are required to earn 60 PDU every three years.

    The PMI® must continue to uphold the validity of its certification and guarantee that the holders of the PMP are continually informed of the most recent developments in the industry. PDUs are mandated by PMI® in order to ensure that PMP® certification holders invest at least 60 hours over the course of three years in continuing education in order to stay abreast of emerging trends and best practices.

    PMP Renewal PDU: How Many PDUs Do You Need?

    You must get 60 PDUs over a three-year period if you possess the Project Management Professional (PMP®) qualification. This can be planned such that you get 20 PDUs annually or 60 PDUs in the final three months of the three-year cycle as you rush to earn them just before your certification expires. These 60 PDUs could be categorized into the following categories:

    • 35 Education PDUs
    • 25 Giving Back to the Profession PDUs

    10 Ways to Earn PMP Renewal PDU in 2023

    Now the question is, how can one obtain PDUs while holding a PMP® certification? Here are a few simple and easy ways for you to earn PDUs. Many of these methods for obtaining PDUs are free. Others are easy but have a cost attached to them.


    • Blog Articles – For reading blog posts, you may earn PDUs. You must keep track of your reading to estimate how much you have read accurately. Beginning a CPD or PDU journal is a good idea; a spreadsheet works best. The average reader would need 5 to 6 minutes to finish reading an article with roughly 1,200 words. So with one post every week, you will have earned 4 PDUs at the end of the year.
    • By Taking a Quiz – By taking quizzes for the PMI magazine, you can earn up to one-third of your PDUs. Members pay only $10 for each quiz and depending on their performance, they can earn one to two PDUs if they score 80% or more. your performance on the particular quiz and the CCR criterion that you’re aiming to satisfy.
    • Participating in Self-Directed Learning – Use various educational materials, podcasts, and webinars that are readily available online if you decide on an option that is more attainable than a traditional training session. Several on-demand webinars are offered by ILX Community to assist you in obtaining your PDUs.
    • Workplace Learning – Many places of employment offer learning tools, including opportunities for informal learning. Assign parts to each of the three sides of the PMI Talent Triangles and record it on your PDU tablet. Ask yourself how much of a six-hour presentation training session applies to your prior project management knowledge.
    • Take a Training Course – If you want to learn some project management skills from a teacher, think about enrolling in a training course. You can enroll in an official, instructor-led course online. It would be beneficial if you also showed up in person for the training sessions that are a part of conferences. You can earn up to 15 PDUs every semester by enrolling in these classes, which usually comes with a cost.

    How Much is the PMP Renewal Fee?

    If you are one of the PMI® members, you will receive a discount and pay only $60. If you’re not, you’ll have to pay $150. You do not have to wait three years for the renewal if you have already earned 60 PDUs.

    Which PMI® Certifications Need to be Renewed?

    If you have a Project Management Professional (PMP®), Professional in Business Analysis (PMI-PBA), Portfolio Management Professional (PfMP), or Program Management Professional (PgMP) certification,  you must acquire 60 PDUs during a three-year period.


    It is obvious that certain tactics that made sense a few decades ago wouldn’t be as helpful now in a fast-moving world where everything is altering. The PMI® enforces this by mandating that PDUs be maintained.

    If you want to improve your career prospects, consider getting PMP certification in project management.


    1. In 2023, would obtaining a PMP® certification be worthwhile?

    Ans. Getting a PMP® certification is absolutely worthwhile. PMP®-certified project managers make 16% more money than non-credentialed professionals, according to the PMIs’ project management compensation study.

    • Why is PMP certification valuable?

    Ans. One of the best project management qualifications is the PMP. The demand for PMP®-certified experts is rising in top-tier organizations and companies. Management is the core essence and the PMP experts have gained all the necessary skills, and knowledge in this field, increasing their demand at senior-level jobs with high pay scales.

    • What qualifications must a person meet to become a PMP?

    Ans. You must have a bachelor’s degree or its global equivalent and at least three years of experience in project management to be eligible for PMP certification. Your three years of experience should consist of 4,500 hours of project management work and 35 hours of project management training.

    • What can I hope to achieve once I’ve finished the PMP course?

    Ans. You will be qualified to take the PMP® exam once you have finished the PMP course. The PMP distinction, the highest-valued certification for a project manager, can be obtained after passing the PMP® exam.

    • What skills should a project manager have?

    Ans. Top abilities of a successful project manager:

    • Leadership skills
    • Communication
    • Budgeting
    • Problem-Solving
    • Data Analysis
    • Planning
    • Risk Management
    • Technology Tools
    • How can I keep my PMP® certification?

    Ans. Your PMP® certification has a three-year validity period, and you must continue to earn PDUs to keep your certificate active. To keep your PMP certificate, you must acquire at least 60 PDUs in three years.

    • How can I get ready to take the PMP® exam?

    Ans. Here are a few best tips for preparing for the PMP exam.

    • The PMP Examination Content Outline should be reviewed.
    • Enroll in formal training with a Registered Education Provider.
    • Review the PMBOK® Guide’s most recent revision.
    • Practice Mock exams
    • What is the passing rate for the PMP® Exam?

    Ans. Statistics show that 40 to 50 percent of PMP applicants fail the test. The percentage needed to pass the PMP test is not disclosed by PMI.

    • How much time does it take to become certified as a PMP?

    Ans. For a PMP applicant who has the necessary training and experience, it might take two to three months to complete the course.

    1.  Which sectors provide the highest salaries to project management professionals?

    Ans. According to the PMI® survey, the following industries are growing most quickly:

    • Construction
    • Manufacturing
    • Management and Professional Services
    • Finance and Insurance 
    • Utilities
    • Information Services and Publishing
    • Oil and Gas
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