• 10 Easy Ways To Spruce Up Your Bathroom 

    Your bathroom is probably one of the areas of your home that gets the least amount of attention and care. Even though it isn’t the cleanest spot in your house, it still has the potential to become your go-to relaxation spot at the end of a hard day.  

    It would be fantastic if you could make a quick improvement to your bathroom and make everything look polished and nice. This will create a lot more relaxed atmosphere while also complementing the rest of your home’s beauty. To accomplish this, consider the following simple ideas to spruce up your bathroom:

    1. Update Your Window Treatment 

    If your bathroom has a window, consider yourself lucky since you have the best natural ventilation. However, because a window is made of transparent glass, it might expose you to the public, which can make you uncomfortable. With that, you’ll need to place a window treatment to make your bathroom private while also adding an aesthetic touch. When choosing the best window treatment, going for bathroom shades would be your best option. This can help in making your bathroom look sophisticated and airy at the same time.  

    When shopping for bathroom window shades, you must ensure that the color matches your bathroom’s interior. You also need to be specific about the size, as you cannot let other people peep through your bathroom window.  

    1. Add Indoor Plants 

    A great way to spruce up and add life to your bathroom is by bringing in actual indoor plants. This way, you can give your room some greenery and make it look lively and natural. There are plenty of indoor plants that strive best in a high-moisture environment, such as asparagus fern, bamboo, and cast-iron plant. All you have to do is to choose the perfect vase and placement in your bathroom. You can even opt for hanging plants to save space and add vertical decorations to the room. 

    1. Stick A Backsplash 

    If your bathroom still uses plain walls for your sink area, you might want to give it a quick transformation by installing a detachable backsplash. This can add character to your bathroom and make it look lively and fancy. However, you need to ensure that you use the right color scheme to match your bathroom perfectly. You can play with various textures and patterns and make your bathroom look elegant. In addition, you must ensure that you use moisture-resistant and waterproof backsplash wallpaper to guarantee its longevity inside your bathroom.  

    Interior of restroom with toilet bowl and shelves with bathroom accessories
    1. Improve Storage Options 

    Unless you have a large storage area, it would be great if you could also add some storage options for your bathroom. This’ll give you quick access to your bathroom essentials without going to your stockroom. For your existing storage cabinets, you might want to repaint them with a fresh new color. You can even replace the hardware to make it look new. Alternatively, you can add more wall storage by placing some planks and allowing yourself to put anything you like. You can place some essentials or even decorations to give your bathroom a great look.  

    1. Use Coordinated Containers 

    Store-bought bathroom essentials might be functional, but they don’t contribute to the aesthetics of your bathroom. To make everything look organized, you should consider transferring them to coordinated containers and adding a custom label so you can quickly identify them. You can do this for your shampoos, conditioner, body wash, and hand soap. As you create their custom labels, ensure that the stickers are waterproof to avoid damage when exposed to water. By following these suggestions, your bathroom will look as if it just stepped out of a magazine.   

    1. Update Lighting 

    Sometimes a quick lighting replacement is all it takes to make any room look beautiful and inviting. If your bathroom is still using the traditional light bulb or a fixture that’s centuries old, updating it into something more sophisticated and trendier would help to improve the appearance of your bathroom. However, you must be mindful with your lighting selections because they mustn’t be exposed to water. This means avoiding pendant, drop, and chandelier lights in favor of ceiling and wall lights.  

    1. Install Waterproof Flooring 

    Another great way to make a massive impact on your bathroom is by replacing your floors. While replacing tile might be costly and time-consuming, you can always try a less expensive alternative. Luckily, there are numerous peel-and-stick waterproof flooring available on the market to give your bathroom a quick upgrade. It’s more cost-efficient and faster as you’ll only need to worry about the size, and you can install everything yourself. There are also plenty of designs and patterns to choose from that’ll undoubtedly boost the aesthetic of your bathroom.  

    1. Replace Your Shower Curtain 

    If your bathroom’s shower area uses a curtain to prevent the water from spreading over the entire space, you might want to buy shower screens that are more modern and aesthetically pleasing to the eyes. While using fun patterns might sound appealing, it’ll be preferable if you could use plain colors instead. Moreover, it would be ideal if you could go for neutral tones, such as white, beige, black, or pastel colors. This can assist in making your bathroom appear seamless and contemporary.

    1. Display Towels Presentably 

    Of course, extra towels are required in your bathroom to dry yourself after a bath or shower. However, in addition to your hung towels, you should keep extra on hand in case your current ones are already damp. To make your excess towels look more presentable, fold or roll them nicely, as if they were from a hotel. For an added impact, it’d be great if you could use plain white towels as they help to make everything look clean and luxurious.  

    1. Clean Up  

    An easy way to spruce up your bathroom is by deep cleaning the entire room. You’d be surprised with how dirty your bathroom is, especially with frequent exposure to water and dirt. To keep your bathroom looking polished and lovely, you should do a quick cleanup. This will entail throwing out empty and expired products and thoroughly scrubbing your walls and fixtures. Moreover, ensure that you use the right cleaning products to avoid damage to your bathroom’s materials and keep them spotless. To keep it in its pristine condition, it would be beneficial if you could clean up your bathroom at least once a week. Doing this not only helps in making your bathroom look fresh, but it also promotes proper hygiene.  


    Sprucing up your bathroom can help in giving the room an uplifted look. It can prevent the room from looking simple and instead help it to look modern, luxurious, and comfortable. Luckily, there are plenty of easy tips and tricks that you can do that’ll allow your bathroom to look brand new. Remember that by selecting the right color combination, applying your organizational skills, and bringing out your creativity, transforming your bathroom would be a breeze.  

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