• 10 Benefits Of Using Hot Water

    Whether it comes from the kitchen sink or is simply there for the early morning shower on a cold day, one of the few things that’s difficult to live without is hot water. Though most people don’t think of it as a luxury, hot water makes our lives easier, more comfortable, and more hygenic. The experts at KMS Services know the importance of making certain hot water is available when you need it, keeping your life and your family running without disruption.

    If it’s not something you’ve ever given much thought, take a moment to consider ten simple benefits of using hot water as part of your everyday routine.

    1)Hot water relieves congestion.

    Most people will suffer from nasal congestion at some point in their lives, whether it is a result of a cold, flu, allergies, chronic sinusitis, or simply the pollutants in the air making it difficult to breathe. While most people know a hot shower cam help fight flu, it is equally effective in relieving congestion in the head, nose, and lungs caused by everyday life. Many use warm water with a gentle saline solution in a neti pot as an alternative to over-the-counter nasal congestion remedies.

    2)Hot water improves circulation.

    If you’ve ever wondered why some people can’t get up and go without a hot shower in the morning, it’s more than a habit. Hot water increases circulation and is a gentle way to wake up the body and raise the heart rate before tackling the day ahead.

    3)Hot water reduces stress and anxiety.

    Once upon a time, one of the most common therapies for aches and pains was a hot water bottle under the blankets. Today, hot water is still used to relax the muscles, reduce stress, and create a sense of well-being. Whether it’s an aromatic bubble bath to a cup of hot water with lemon to sip before bed, your body and your mind will thank you.

    4)Hot water improves the health of the skin.

    Though most people don’t think of the skin as a part of the body needing to be protected from illness, it is actually the first reflection of your health and well-being. Hot water cleanses and removes toxins from the pores by causing them to open wider. It also makes exfoliation easier, adding to that youthful glow.

    5)Hot water kills germs.

    Most of us use a number of tools and chemicals to try to keep our environments clean, but it’s easy to forget about the effectiveness of simple, old-fashioned hot water. Heat kills many germs and toxins on contact, so if you tend to rinse out the dishes or scrub the mess on the table with lukewarm water, add some heat. Much like your skin, surfaces become much easier to keep clean and last longer.

    6)Hot water makes for a cleaner home.

    It doesn’t matter whether it’s your drinking glasses or your favorite sweater, most things you own are cleaner, remain durable, and look new longer when washed with hot water. Obviously, this is not the case for everything you own, but going with only cold water for a week will make your world look a bit dimmer.

    7)Hot water carries scents.

    The teapot on the stove, the fragrant bubble-bath, the delicious pot of soup boiling throughout the day—all of these make your home smell warm and cozy through the course of a week. Hot water diffuses scent, whether food, essential oil, or soap. Without hot water, your home would be a much less fragrant place.

    8)Hot water reduces cooking time.

    Waiting ten minutes for that pot of water to boil before getting dinner underway is both inconvenient and likely to make you call for pizza. It’s easy to shave a few extra minutes from that home-cooked meal by starting with a pot of already-heated water.

    9)Hot water aids in digestion.

    It’s not just the outside of things that benefit from hot water. A regular regimen of hot water, honey, and lemon are proven to aid digestion, speed up your metabolism, and ward off the common cold. You may even find yourself dropping a few pounds.

    10)Your hands stay cleaner.

    Since heat kills more germs than cold, washing your hands in mildly hot water is far more effective than cleansing wipes and anti-bacterial solutions. Next time you’re tempted to take a short cut, wash your hands in warm-to-hot water instead of cold. They’ll be softer, as an added bonus.

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