CMARIX Technolabs Office Interiors | ADHWA

Office Interiors

CMARIX Technolabs Office Interiors | ADHWA Architecture.Interiors From the architect- CMARIX Technolabs Office Interiors is created by entrepreneurs having different visions of how to run a software venture. The directors of the company had spent a lot of time working in various countries before starting their own company. That gives us the freedom to design and explore[…]

Design Office Interior | YellowSub Studio

Design Office Interior | YellowSub Studio ITF (The Indian Type Foundry) Ahmedabad Based Typography / Graphic design firm This project is a collaborative effort to create an inspirational office space. The site was got at a bare shell level and the interiors were conceived within the space. With only a small group of designers using[…]

See How CORTEN steel Facade creates Adorable Residence.

see how corten steel facade creates adorable residence designed by SPASM design architects. From the architect. Ahmedabad, is predominantly dry through the year, though it does rain occasionally during monsoon months, from late June to August. The clients a young couple with a daughter of 9 and their parents, contacted us for a family home. Pre-existing[…]

THE PROJECT CAFE’S interior | workshop Inc

The Project Cafe’s Interior has been conceptualized as a fresh, dynamic space merging three aspects – food, art and retail – where food acts as a catalyst for widening the reach of artists and designers among the masses. The idea was to create a language that serves as a neutral canvas for the numerous and[…]

Koba house | Indigo Architects

Modern House Design

Indigo architects is a collaborative studio practice, headed by Mausami and Uday Andhare, supported by a team of young professionals. We follow an integrated design approach incorporating architectural design, landscape planning and interior design into its fold. The design process seeks to resolve the various paradoxes between client needs and affordability, site conditions and programmatic[…]

Terrace Landscape Design | Beyond Green

Terrace Landscape Design – Beyond Green Customized blue terrazzo floor echoing the sky and the moon light forms a monolithic plane to dance and dine. The bench quietly moulds itself as a sculptural entity along one edge of the parapet wall. The stucco wall reinforces Moorish character of the space with the planting providing the foreground[…]