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A Day in Auroville

A Day in Auroville! “If you get a chance, please do pay Auroville a visit!” the seniors advised us. No sooner did the opportunity knock on our door. We were a little too willing to take a detour  from the National NASA trip and visit this Universal Township which was a 20 sq. Km of[Read More]

15+ Commercial Building Elevation Design

Commercial Building Elevation Design are one of the major parts of look and feel of the building but, it’s rear to find creative design that makes you stop take a glance at the building which can either stand as an iconic structure on later stages, so we have listed down 15 unique commercial building elevation design[Read More]

Top 5 Loveseat Ideas-Let’s Do It the Victorian Way

Top 5 Loveseat Ideas-Let’s Do It the Victorian Way -Rukhsar Rangwala Moving out to pursue your dreams? Starting a nuclear family? Need to make your living area cozy without making it cluttered? The perfect solution in such scenario would be surrendering to the Victorian way, it may sound expensive but it isn’t. Get A Loveseat![Read More]


7 STYLE OF LANDSCAPE ARCHITECTURE  WORLDWIDE Sarah Agarwal It’s amazing to see how landscape can become an essential part to stay close to nature and creates a dramatic positive space, an add-on feature where you can feel free and admire the beauty of nature, We peep into History to pull out various style of Landscape Architecture[Read More]

Our 10 Favorite Ancient Indian Stepwells

Water source, meeting place, architectural wonder: The ancient Indian stepwells – a man-made, subterranean well also known as ‘vav’ or ‘baori’ – has been capturing the imagination of pilgrims and travelers for centuries.   Today, many these ancient relics have been largely forgotten, and now languish in a state of decay. Admired for their astonishing[Read More]

10 stunning interior design wallpapers ideas

Interior design wallpapers Ideas Wallpapers are the key ingredient to enhance your decor, with a wide range of wallpaper available it has become easy to choose from traditional designs,  Create a truly unique statement wall that reflects the wild textures of the world in the comfort of your own home. But in addition to it, there[Read More]

Active living Architecture – Assuring Good Health

ACTIVE LIVING ARCHITECTURE   Proudly introduced by New York City Departments of Design and Construction (DDC),New Active Living Architecture gives you tremendous techniques on architectural as well as urban level to promote Health and Mental Hygiene. It focuses solely on tackling one of the biggest health issues today i.e. Obesity and related diseases like Heart[Read More]

Architecture is not a dictum!!!   We have several people , to provide several ideas on the mere, poorly , pathetic term “Architecture”; which unfortunately is so much misunderstood that the beauty and charm of the excellence of the term is being so easily wiped off!!!   Architecture arose when man decided to build. He[Read More]