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honorary Monument to Kazimir Malevich “ARCHITECTON M³”

honorary Monument to Kazimir Malevich “ARCHITECTON M³” Quote “ Everything which we loved is lost. We are in a desert …. Before us is nothing but a black square ona white background! ” Kazimir Malevich From Designers : Kazimir Malevich is the founder of Suprematism – one of the earliest manifestations of the abstract art[Read More]

Office Workspaces are More Informal | ELEMENTS Architects

Office Workspaces are More Informal | ELEMENTS Architects ELEMENTS Architects designed the offices of marketing and consulting firm TBWA Anthem, located in Gurgaon, India. Thought process — The modern “office” has become a nebulous concept, one that extends to the coffee shop, the couch, the Steps — or anywhere else with an internet connection. We’re no longer designing[Read More]

Organically Shaped Plywood Shelves

The designer’s description The Ply Shelves are an apparently simple design, which is more complicated under the surface. Resembling the conventional wall mounted bracket shelf system, this design morphs these separate entities into a singular, yet variable thickness shelf. The brackets are spaced at sixteen inches on center in order to align with wall studs. Between these[Read More]

28 Unique Accented Wall Decor Ideas
Accented Wall Decor

28 Unique Accented Wall Decor Ideas Unique Accented Wall Decor Inspiration is a part of our design inspiration series. Design Inspiration series is a weekly showcase of incredible furniture designs from all around the world. Design Inspiration >>> 50+ Green wall Design Inspiration PLEASE WAIT FOR PHOTOGRAPHS TO LOAD   Note: THE ARCHITECT’S DIARY claims no credit for[Read More]

A Perfect Working Desk for Artist | Workbench | Laura Mrkša

The idea for this project was conceived while reflecting on handicraft and its re-emergence in modern times. The first workbenches were designed in accordance with the requirements of small manufacturers, but today they are created in response to a new lifestyle which cherishes handcraftsmanship as something worth experiencing. They are often associated with jewelry making,[Read More]

D’LIGHT : Kinetic Lighting -Transformable Lampshade

D’LIGHT : Kinetic Lighting -Transformable Lampshade Designer: ID+IM Design Laboratory + D’LIGHT: Your very first personal kinetic lighting A light is the one of the important element which contributes the atmosphere of the space. It’s no secret that light have an impact on our feelings and state of mind. D’LIGHT, a modern table lamp with[Read More]

Contemporary-Modern Home | SDeG

From the architect. Contemporary-Modern Home | SDeG is located uphill in a quiet residential neighbourhood in Visakhapatnam. The owners wanted a home with clearly delineated private spaces for the family, and a separate block to host guests and events. Contemporary-Modern Home building is therefore conceived as two programmed volumes held together by a bridge-corridor, landscaped courts, and[Read More]

New CEPT University Campus | Christopher Charles Benninger
New CEPT University Campus

New CEPT University Campus | Christopher Charles Benninger As CEPT University has grown and evolved from very informal teaching and learning methods, in an ashram-like atmosphere of small classes, gradually evolving into a world-class university with highly diverse and numerous course offerings, the need for additional learning spaces has increased, almost to the point of[Read More]

A Contemporary Approach to Jewellery Retail – Dia Colour by Group DCA

A Contemporary Approach to Jewellery Retail Dia Colour by Group DCA Dia Color is one of the finest contemporary jewellery designers in India, specializing in handcrafted jewellery pieces that possess a unique character and personality of their own. Every inch, every cut is skillfully crafted by some of the world’s most gifted artisans. With a[Read More]