“Paperpan” A 3d Folded Paper Art By Tayfun Tinmaz

“Paperpan” A 3d Folded Paper Art By Tayfun Tinmaz. Designer: Tayfun Tinmaz. Gone are the days when the walls would be littered with cheap printouts of photos taken by some unknown photographer. Istanbul based designer Tayfun Tinmaz has been setting Instagram and Etsy ablaze with his nature-inspired series under the name @paperpan! Just as his username describes, his collection brings whimsical fun[Read More]

Dodecahedronic Chair creates polyhedral geometry designed by Hiroaki Suzuki

‘dodecahedronic chair’ by hiroaki suzuki japanese design student hiroaki suzuki has been researching functional applications for polyhedral geometry in product design. the result is his ‘dodecahedronic chair’. for the design, suzuki carefully calculated each angle with 3D CAD software, verifying the overall structural strength and stability of the chair by producing models made of paper[Read More]