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Posted On April 13, 2024

An Apartment That Blends Japandi Interior With An Indian grace | Sharan Architecture + Design

We set out to create an apartment that blends Japandi Interior with an Indian grace. Our endeavor as interior designers was to encapsulate the serene essence of our clients’ unique...

Posted On January 03, 2024

Exposed concrete skin encircling sound designs within | Sharan Architecture + Design

Amidst a densely packed urban environment where houses are inherently connected through adjacent side walls, this visionary design redefines its relationship with the surroundings through the rawness of exposed concrete....

Posted On April 18, 2023

Residence Designed In A Solid Pastel Colour Palette With Minimalist Style | Sharan Architecture + Design

Hailing from a rich textile background, the client had a keen interest to have their residence designed in a solid pastel colour palette with minimalist style. Having ample space for...