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Posted On January 22, 2024

Transit Oriented Development: India’s Urban Game-Changer

In “The New American Metropolis,” Peter Calthorpe brought Transit Oriented Development (TOD) to life, envisioning cities revolving around transit hubs. This ingenious concept of Transit Oriented Development weaves living, working,...

Posted On October 25, 2023

Urban Artificial Intelligence: How To Design A Thinking City

Research based on Urban Artificial Intelligence has come a long way since the founding of OpenAI in 2016–17. Objects are starting to possess a sense of awareness and judgmental decision-making...

Posted On April 05, 2023

An Urbane Minimalist Apartment Sketched And Conveyed In A Warm Environment | Pavan Infratech

An urbane minimalist apartment sketched and conveyed in a warm environment, located in Surat, Gujarat, surely has redefined the frequency between the minimalism and modern blend of the spaces. Deeply...