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Posted On January 19, 2024

Shoji Abode Takes Inspiration From Traditional Japanese Architecture | Studio MAT

A shoji (障しょう子じ, Japanese pronunciation: [ɕo:(d)ʑi]) is a door, window or room divider used in traditional Japanese home, consisting of translucent (or transparent) sheets on a lattice frame. As the...

Posted On September 11, 2023

This Home Represents a Solution to Counteract Monotony, Done Through Visually Interesting Façades | Studio MAT

Editor’s Note: In the residential cluster of Kandiwali, the aperture-shaped fenestration of ‘House-O’ is a refreshing, enticing and easily eye-catching. Taking advantage of narrow structure, the front layer stands as...

Posted On July 04, 2023

With An Earthy Aesthetic, ‘Bodhi’, Uses Muted Colours, Open, Airy Spaces, And A Minimal Design Language | Studio MAT

In a bustling, loud, chaotic and restless Mumbai, a home on the 19th floor of a residential building takes pause. With an earthy aesthetic, ‘Bodhi’, uses muted colours, open, airy...