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Posted On January 27, 2024

Types of Staircases: 20 Different Styles Ideal for your Home

Types of staircases and their designs are very popular in Indian homes as they serve a practical purpose by providing access to different levels in multi-story homes. Additionally, in Indian...

Posted On December 28, 2023

What is a Balustrade? A Journey through Time and Design

What is a balustrade? As a designer, there are chances of this question arising. A balustrade, often overlooked yet essential in architecture, is more than a mere railing. It’s that...

Posted On November 24, 2023

Kerala home Set Against the Tropical Skyline | STRIa aRCHITECTS

Stria Architects bring you the symphony of a Kerala home from the capital city, Thiruvananthapuram. XANADU, a unique home, was meticulously crafted to meet the specific requirements ofits clients, a...