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Posted On December 18, 2023

Vault Architecture: 10 Stunning Classical and Modern Vault Designs

Vault architecture emerges as a compelling and diverse facet, weaving through the ages and across a multitude of cultural landscapes. From the ancient rock-cut caves of Ajanta and Ellora to...

Posted On September 13, 2023

Sangath is a Luxurious 3BHK Apartment With a Coherent Colonial Charm | Rebel Designs

Editor’s Note: ‘Sangath’ briefly translates to association, which in this dwelling is an artful connection of Scandinavian charm, Portuguese elegance, and a sprinkle of ethnic lifestyle. There is a constant...

Posted On January 25, 2023

B.V. Doshi Designs – Less known Works of a Great Architectural Icon

“Visit the site often, give a patient ear to it’s murmurs.” – B.V. Doshi Balkrishna Vithaldas Doshi, although having closely worked with and influenced by the style of the renowned...