Office Design and Space Planning followed by Unique Artistic Outlook in this C.A Firm  | Studio Ankit Pahuja

&nbsp Creatively crafting a very small 250 sq ft. office space into an inspiring & lively work environment was as challenging as transforming a caterpillar into a stunning butterfly by a human hand.The available space was an unattractive retail shop and was to be transformed into a workplace for Chartered Accountants. Redesigning yet retaining a[Read More]

The Rajasthan School | Sanjay Puri Architects

&nbsp The Rajasthan School | Sanjay Puri Architects Imbibing the organic character of Indian villages & old cities, the Rajasthan School is a low rise 3 level school with open, enclosed and semi-enclosed spaces of varying volumes. Taking cognizance of the desert climate of its location with temperatures in excess of 35°C for most of the[Read More]

Auditorium Design For Mody University  | RMM Designs

&nbsp Auditorium Design For Mody University  | RMM Designs The auditorium complex is located within the Mody University Campus at Lakshmangarh about 2 hours from Jaipur. While the client brief did not specify too many details besides the seating capacity of about 1000, what the brief was very particular about was that the Auditorium should be[Read More]

Residence with Luxurious Interiors Defining New Lifestyle | Innerspace

&nbsp Residence with Luxurious Interiors Defining New Lifestyle | Innerspace A dream house generally pictures all the family members enjoying, relaxing and spending time together in a beautiful environment. This residence was inspired by such a derivation with luxurious interiors defining a new lifestyle. The bungalow is located Near Ajmer, Rajasthan and is a magnificent showcase[Read More]


&nbsp SIMPLE APARTMENT DESIGN | VINAYAK CONSULTANTS It is fortunate to have a client who trusts you enough to give a free hand and lets you bring your imagination into reality. The apartment is designed with a concept of simplicity, elegance combined with luxury and comfort. It is a blend of natural walnut veneer combining with[Read More]