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Posted On April 09, 2024

This Retreat With an Open Air Restaurant is Hidden in a Coffee Estate | Jyaamiti Architectural Studio

Nestled on the outskirts of Chikmagalur, Karnataka, this retreat with an open-air restaurant is hidden in a coffee estate. Departing from conventional architectural norms, it is a sanctuary spanning 27,973...

Posted On May 29, 2023

An Architectural Studio Where Art And Design Merges As One | Jyaamiti Architectural Studio

As artists, we like to create something that inspires us in new ways. When designed is ingrained in routine, it has a whole other impact. We, at Jyaamiti, have always...

Posted On February 14, 2023

“Aadya”, A Vastu Compliant Bungalow Design In Bangalore | Jyaamiti Architectural Studio

With a built up of 7000 sq.ft, “Aadya”, a vastu compliant bungalow design in Bangalore, is located in a corner plot of the Sahakarnagar area. The Corner plot was strategically...