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Posted On February 13, 2024

A Modern And Luxurious Bungalow In This Compact Space | J Architects

An old school friend of our principal architect, Jay Thakkar, contacted him 15 years later from the USA with plans to build a dream home for his parents in India....

Posted On December 04, 2023

Kitchen Showcase Design with a Twist of Wardrobe Display | J Architects

Located in the city of Vadodara, J Architects have displayed their skills in kitchen showcase design by collaborating with a well-known brand. While we were already engaged in developing a...

Posted On June 23, 2023

This House is Doused in Mild Pastels Colors and Warmth Of Wood | J Architects

Home is where the heart is: your haven, your source of respite. Your home reflects who you are, replicating your mind and soul. After being ensnared in a mental quagmire...

Posted On April 14, 2023

A Minimalist Home With Rustic Material Palette And The Play Of Brick And Clay Jalis | J Architects

One of our highly published projects, Ishavasyam, was in the working stage when Mr. Khare, their soon-to-be neighbor, approached us. He was very keen on doing something rustic but not...