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Posted On June 17, 2024

The Dancing Brick Arches Are A Reminder Of A Child’s Freedom | Samira Rathod Design Atelier

The dancing brick arches are a reminder of a child’s freedom. A scribble is indicative of not being instructed. It is the freedom to express yourself in the form of...

Posted On January 17, 2024

Insulating Second Skin Further Optimizes Passive Cooling | HabitArt Architecture Studio

All spaces in the The National School of Business are designed to capture maximum, indirect daylight, and ventilation, avoiding artificial lighting and air-conditioning during most part of the day. Both...

Posted On December 07, 2023

A University Gathering Area that Scripts a Powerful and Distinct Vision | Triple O Studio

‘The Orb’ stands by its intellectual values and is a stated gathering area for all things extraordinary, like its purpose. “In the beginning was a vast open space” – undefined,...

Posted On October 10, 2023

A Vocational Training Institute in Aurangabad while Focusing on Improved Social Responsibility | SEZA Architects & Interior Designers

Editor’s Note: Architecture for social change, cultural and ecological responsibility, communal stability, and for economic equality. There is a lot of value attached to the planning and execution of this...