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Posted On July 03, 2023

This Apartment Displays a Pop of Pastels with Minimal Details | Vivid Decor

A renovation project which we have designed is named “An Octagon Element”. Inspired by traditional moroccan design, this sleek octagon-shaped element is perfect at the entrance with its dramatic colouring....

Posted On May 17, 2023

Earthy Home With Indian Decor And Golden Hues | Vivid Decor

We designed a simple 3 BHK earthy home with Indian decor and golden hues, a perfect for a family of five. When you go in, the living room and dining...

Posted On January 17, 2023

Eclectic Style And Modern Style Of Interiors Blended Together | VIVID DECOR

The minimalistic mod-Mediterranean interior style is a perfect balance achieved between eclectic style and modern style of interiors blended together. The interior designer, Vidhi Teraiya has created the fabric studio...