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Posted On July 22, 2024

Unraveling India’s Rich Architectural Heritage | TAD Originals

A recent panel discussion underscored the importance of unraveling India’s rich architectural heritage by balancing tradition with progress. India is known for its rich cultural tapestry woven from diverse architectural...

Posted On April 22, 2024

Unveiling the Essence of Heritage Conservation In India: Insights from Sangeeta Bais

we embark on a profound exploration of heritage conservation with the esteemed Sangeeta Bais, the visionary founder of Dharohar, an eminent architecture firm nestled in the heart of New Delhi....

Posted On January 06, 2024

Adaptive Reuse Architecture: Old Spaces Breathing New Life

Adaptive reuse architecture in India is a practice that involves repurposing existing structures, addressing various challenges, and leveraging the country’s rich historical and architectural heritage. Repurposed structures serve as attractions,...