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Posted On July 22, 2022

Simply Sofas’ Milan Design Week 2022 Trend Report is Out!

It’s the most-awaited report of the year. Where global trends born at Milan Design Week 2022, the world’s foremost and most influential design event, are analysed and compiled by the editorial team at Simply Sofas.  The report (available for free download on the Simply Sofas website) is not just useful in application, but offers a […]

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Posted On May 27, 2022


Find out what connects a leading India-based luxury furniture retailer with the world’s most influential design event. Milan Design Week is where global interior design and furniture trends are born. Since 2011, Simply Sofas, South India’s leading luxury furniture retailer, has been covering this important event – LIVE from the scene.  What makes Milan Design […]

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Posted On June 17, 2021

What Is A Carpenter? What Does A Carpenter Do?

Simply put, a carpenter is a craftsperson skilled in woodwork. Moreover, a carpenter is a skilled operative working in the construction and cabinet-making industry. To understand what a carpenter does, you need to know the different categories of carpentry available. Each category involves different skill sets, meaning a carpenter may only be adept at one […]

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Posted On March 02, 2021

5 Useful Advice When Hiring a Furniture Removal Service

If you are thinking about hiring a furniture removal company, you should follow these tips for hiring the right professional. The best companies do certain things to make sure their staff is well-trained and competent. This way, they can safely and effectively remove any type of furniture from your home or business without causing damage. […]

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  • Posted On January 20, 2021

    How to Ensure Your Furniture is Free from Pest Infestation

    Your home is never perfect without the right furniture. That is why there are different types of furniture for every space in your home and your preferred style. The only concern with furniture is that they are susceptible to pests. Termites can destroy your expensive pieces in a few months. On the other hand, bedbugs […]

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    Posted On October 21, 2020

    The relationship between architecture and furniture – offsite

    Architects generally spend their time designing buildings. While this might be the most common use of an architect’s time, it’s not the only way that they can use their talents. In fact, architects can do a fantastic job when it comes to designing furniture. It can be difficult to determine what furniture and architecture have […]

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    Posted On August 29, 2020

    Nailbox – Salon Interior With Warm Tones And Pops Of Brass | Indianstory

    Nailbox – Salon Interior With Warm Tones And Pops Of Brass | Indianstory Minimal, Geometric, Functional, Warm, and Comfortable. When people think of a salon, we visualize a quick-paced space and bustle. This salon is designed to be a refuge for one, in oneself.  Visit: Indianstory The Design intent The colours are warm and earthy, the light […]

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    Posted On July 24, 2020

    Choosing the Best Facial Beds for Your Salon

    People go to the salons and facial treatment parlors to get pampered and feel relaxed. As an aesthetician, successful service should be your main priority. You could have the best products and the best hands, but you might not be able to deliver outstanding results to your clients without professional-looking and comfortable facial beds. Facial […]

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    Posted On July 15, 2020

    Selecting Café Tables – Options available and things to keep in mind

    Café entrepreneurs spend ample time planning on how to design their café! Meticulous planning yields the best results and is the need of the hour. The new-age customers have high demands, as they visit the emerging café. So, they are expecting an aesthetic décor, an interesting menu they would love to order from, and classy […]

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    Posted On June 20, 2020

    The Best Places to Buy Furniture in Singapore

    Have you currently relocated to Singapore? If yes, you must have acquired an accommodation and want to arrange that with the best interior décor and furniture. Other than the best tourist attractions and high-end living, Singapore has the best shops to buy your furniture from.  Every year many people visit Singapore to study and work. […]

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    Posted On June 12, 2020

    Gym Design With Bright Lime Green Highlighted In Neutral Surrounds | SML Architects

    Gym Design With Bright Lime Green Highlighted In Neutral Surrounds | SML Architects A Fitness Centre in a quiet, leafy bylane of a Mumbai suburb provides a lean and crisp interior environment for its patrons A women’s only fitness center situated within a dense residential neighborworkout tracking softwarehood of suburban Mumbai needed a space that […]

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    Posted On June 12, 2020

    Pastry School Designed In Modern European Style | 4th dimension

    Pastry School Designed In Modern European Style | 4th dimension It was conceptualized to outline the two core spaces- the reception and meeting area with the intended European ethos diving into an alluded appeal and appropriateness.  Richness and tranquility infused with a modern European style is the essence of this space. Here is a school […]

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    Posted On June 05, 2020

    Italian Restaurant Interior With Eclectic Mix Furniture | Talking Spaces

    Italian Restaurant Interior With Eclectic Mix Furniture | Talking Spaces This was a second of these Italian restaurants that we designed after the success of Pasta street in Indiranagar. The restaurant welcomes you with a bar at the entry with custom made CAIO. Visit : Talking Spaces An amalgamation of stone, wood, and brass used […]

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    Posted On June 02, 2020

    Looking for luxurious and quality furniture? Avoid Chinese Furniture Manufacturers

    It is always tough to find the right supplier of luxury furniture from thousands of companies. Furniture is a significant aspect of any home or office. The cost of purchasing furniture can be reduced by importing from outside the country at a wholesale price. Some of the places you can import furniture are Europe and […]

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