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Posted On June 19, 2021

Maintenance Tips for Stamped Concrete

Stamped concrete has grown in popularity here in the UK, thanks to the numerous benefits it has to offer. It is durable, affordable, and easy to maintain. It is safe...

Posted On January 25, 2021

Commercial Floor Repair Products/ Epoxy Floor Coating

Commercial and industrial buildings such as malls, offices, warehouses, five-star hotels, airports, and reception lounges require very durable floors that are not only resilient but also aesthetically pleasing. Property managers...

Posted On October 19, 2020

How to use a tile cutter

Introduction  If you are a tile setter, you can attest to how sensitive the tile cutting job is; any mess can interfere with the installation outlook. To avoid tile cutting...

Posted On October 01, 2020

How Luxury Flooring Can Turn A House Into A Home

You may think that it is impossible to convert a home into a house, but with luxury vinyl flooring, you can do just that. If you have a home with...

  • Posted On September 07, 2020

    What is the Best Flooring for a Garage?

    When a homeowner looks to make improvements to their home, garages are usually the last on the priority list. And this is primarily due to the fact that you store...

    Posted On September 18, 2019

    The Right Time to Refinish or Replace Your Hardwood Floor

    Hardwood floors add beauty and create a personal touch to the decorum of your home. It’s no surprise that they are famous for bringing warmth and character to any home,...