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Posted On November 12, 2021

Tips For Climbing the Corporate Ladder as a Woman

Almost 60 years following the Equal Pay Act, statistics still show a difference between gender pay. On average, women in the United States make $0.63 to every dollar earned by...

Posted On August 31, 2021

What to Consider When Renovating Your Business

A time will come for everything and businesses, it is inevitable for them to undergo makeovers. Sometimes, business owners become so preoccupied with improving the reputation and image of their...

Posted On July 02, 2020

Pedram Zohrevand on A Career in Civil Engineering

Civil engineering is a prominent career field for engineers. The role of a civil engineer involves designing, developing, and overseeing the construction of various types of infrastructure projects, roadways, and...

Posted On January 30, 2019

How to Start a Career as a Civil Engineer Strongly

Once you’ve officially become a civil engineer, there is no doubt you’d be quite excited to start your career. We will now take a look at a couple of tips...