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Posted On January 23, 2024

A Computational Design Scalene Faceted Flat Foldable Origami Shelves | Oris Architects

The challenge was to design a 3,000 sq.ft space amidst the clients’ manufacturing unit in Bangalore’s industrial area, that would aesthetically highlight their manufactured products. Origami tessellations folded from a...

Posted On October 18, 2023

Spanish Architecture Blending in with Artistic and Organic Indian Vernacular Features | Oris Architects

Editor’s Note: This gateway holds a palatial feeling to it that is expressed inside out! Situated among the rustic farmland, the structure has a classical aura with fringes of Spanish...

Posted On April 25, 2023

The Gym Design Is A Blend Of Modern Minimalism And The Raw, Gritty Features Of An Old Warehouse | Oris Architects

This proposal stresses those things that define the function of the space and make possible its use, a gym. This gym is a space that boasts a raw and rugged...