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Posted On May 06, 2024

A 5 Bedroom House with Open Planning Concept | Ar. Ankur Pandey & Associates

The clients brief was short and crisp, they wanted a 5 bedroom house with open planning concept, the space must be interconnected with a common space. The requirement was for...

Posted On July 17, 2023

Top 25 Interior Designers in Indore

The Interior Designers in Indore take inspiration from modernity in the beautiful urban planning of the clean city. It also roots deep into the Vesara style of architecture, a characteristic...

Posted On May 29, 2023

This Corporate Office Creates A Complimentary Tone Of Warmth | Ankur Pandey & Associates

We conceptualized an idea and it became a reality. We designed an office for a corporate giant- Pawan group— For this project we conceptualized a colour palette that is perfect...