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Posted On April 12, 2024

15 Ways AI In Architecture Can Shape The Future

Technological advancements and AI in architecture are evolving with time. AI, popularly known as artificial intelligence, is one such tool that makes our creations less time-consuming and our visions more...

Posted On October 25, 2023

Urban Artificial Intelligence: How To Design A Thinking City

Research based on Urban Artificial Intelligence has come a long way since the founding of OpenAI in 2016–17. Objects are starting to possess a sense of awareness and judgmental decision-making...

Posted On October 06, 2023

20 Marvellous Computational Design Generated Structures 2023

Computational Design is an innovative approach that makes use of algorithms and computer-aided tools to generate, optimise, and refine design solutions. At the same time, it has the ability to...

Posted On January 13, 2020

Artificial Intelligence Era Is Approaching : All The Things You Need To Know About AI

Have you ever imagined you can totally enjoy your life by adopting Artificial Intelligence? The reality is people have gradually realized the promotion of artificial intelligence, and the current wide...

  • Posted On May 29, 2019

    How Smart Homes Would Be In The Future

    How smart homes would be in the future Expect remarkable changes in the smart home space in the years to come The best thing about technology is that it has...