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Posted On October 13, 2023

This Dwelling is Embraced by Verdant Landscapes, Tranquil Water Bodies, and a Mesmerizing Urban Panorama | Lavina Interiors

Nestled in the resplendent environs of Rajkot, Gujarat, the opulent Madhav Mahal apartment reigns supreme in an enviable neighborhood. Occupying the prestigious 10th floor, this dwelling is embraced by verdant...

Posted On September 26, 2023

This Architectural Masterpiece, under the Project name “Avant-garde,” Redefines Modern Living Through its Innovative Design | Prekshaa Design Studio

Editor’s Note: Against a heartfelt tropical backdrop, the residence is a rumination of spaces that are independently fulfilling and wholesome. The grounding appearance of the exteriors is truly charming and...

Posted On May 31, 2023

The Design Idea For This Residence Was To Strike A Perfect Balance Between Simplicity And Luxury | The Design Trove

What one sees in this residence is how well the interiors blend in with the large windows in the living hall and bedrooms. The design idea for this residence was...

Posted On February 17, 2022

Liberating Geometry and Symmetry in this Architect Office Design | Creative Designer Architects

The Spatial Stimuli in New Delhi is an office and design studio for the inter-disciplinary architectural and design firm CDA Architects. It is designed to be a 2,400 square feet...