Commonly used roofing options that homeowners should know about

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Most homeowners tend to take the roof for granted and do not pay much attention to it after its construction. It could be either due to too much reliance on the roof material that they think would keep lasting without caring for it or due to ignorance about proper roof care. Roofs inspection and maintenance is critical to ensure that it lasts its life without giving problems. Unfortunately, most homeowners pay attention to roofs only after they face some issues with it. Leaky roofs are quite common, but most of the instances are avoidable by maintaining roofs properly, which does not always cost too much. Roofing experts like Anchor Roofers can help you to maintain the roof in proper condition so that it lasts the assigned life and provides the right return on investment.

The roofing experts know well how to deal with different roofing materials and the possible problems that can occur, which helps them to take preventive measures to avoid damages. Being aware of the characteristics of different roofing materials and their vulnerabilities helps to take proper care of the roof.   

Asphalt shingles

Asphalt shingles are the most widely used roofing material because it is quite affordable and suitable for all kinds of weather except extreme climates. Besides low installation costs, the cost of maintenance is also low and its long life of about 30 years makes it a very economical choice. Asphalt roofing material has high durability, which prompts manufacturers to offer a very long warranty for 20-30 years which is almost like a life-time warranty. 3-tab asphalt is the most common specification of asphalt roofing and to make the roofing stronger and more fashionable, you must increase the thickness by 2-3 times of regular shingles.

Wood shingles

Wood shingles have selective use in homes with special architectural designs and adopt a style that is different from the traditional asphalt roofing. Wooden shingles and shakes laid upon a chosen substrate constitute the roofing that leaves spaces for air to flow through the elements.  Wood shingles roofs are quite expensive. There are concerns about its safety too as wood is a flammable material which is why its use is quite restricted.

Metal roofing

There is nothing better than metal roofing when you are looking for some cheap and durable roofing system that can be better than asphalt in terms of longevity. However, metal roofs are usually inclined and hence used for warehouses, farmhouses, industries, and other similar buildings. Corrugated galvanized sheets are the most preferred metal roofing, but those willing to pay more can also opt for copper roofing. Metal roofs can last for 50 years when maintained properly, and it is suitable for homes in cold climates with heavy snowfall.

Tile roofing

The stylish looking tile roofs are an architectural beauty that is hard to match and suitable for homes located in warm climates. A robust wooden structure supports the tiles which are quite heavy and barrel-shaped tiles that look like half-cylinders are most common. Clay tiles can imitate the looks of thick shingles or slate tiles.

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  • You really caught my attention when you talked about the robust classical looks that tile roofing can bring to a house. With how modern houses never sat well with me, I’ve been looking for ways to achieve a more “olden-style” look with my house in every aspect possible. If I can find a roofing contractor in the area that has these rustic tile roofs, I’ll make sure to hire them for some renovations.

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