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Posted On June 07, 2024

Energy-Efficient Lighting: Selecting And Interpreting Illumination

Energy-Efficient Lighting plays a crucial role in architectural design, affecting a space’s mood and feel in addition to providing appropriate illumination. Light can be conceptualised as a distinct form of...

Posted On January 29, 2024

20 Types of Drape: Elegance in Every Style, Fabric and Room

India’s diverse culture and traditions are evident in home decor, with various types of drape, showcasing the country’s craftsmanship and cultural vibrancy, serving both functional and aesthetic purposes. Enhancing your...

Posted On January 25, 2024

Indian Flooring Tiles: 10 Solutions Retaining Vernacular Interiors

Ancient Indian flooring recalls a patch of ground decorated with coloured decorative sand made of rice flower or flower petals. To date we call it ‘rangoli’, which represents the simplest...

Posted On January 18, 2024

20 Zen Room Ideas For Your Tranquil Home

Picture a zen room, and ideas float where tranquillity and mindfulness converge, offering a haven within the walls of your dwelling. Zen room is an uncharted realm within your home—that...

  • Posted On January 13, 2024

    20 Interior Design Ideas for Halls to Create a Passage Paradigm

    Exploring interior design ideas for halls unveils inventive ways to reimagine these spaces. By infusing creativity and practicality, interior design ideas for halls transcend mere passageways, evolving into captivating focal...

    Posted On January 05, 2024

    15 Types of Streets: Decoding the Urban Tapestry

    The types of streets play a pivotal role in shaping the character and functionality of cities. the streets, the pulsating arteries of urban areas, intricately weave the tapestry of city...

    Posted On December 31, 2023

    Exploring 15 Types of Tables That Are Redefining Design

    The various types of tables, traditionally known for their utilitarian purposes like providing a surface for work or dining, transform into works of art through innovative design. This evolution transcends...

    Posted On December 25, 2023

    Transforming Spaces: 15 Painting Techniques for Walls to Inspire

    Embarking on a journey into the realm of interior design, our focus turns to the transformative realm of painting techniques for walls. In this exploration, we delve beyond traditional colour...

    Posted On December 24, 2023

    Types of Vaults in Architecture: Structure and Architecture Style

    Throughout history and timeline of periodic styles, we have witnessed numerous Types of Vaults in Architecture. Vaulted ceilings refer to architectural designs where the ceiling is arched or curved, creating...

    Posted On December 23, 2023

    What is Wainscoting: Types, Applications, and Indian Requirements

    What is Wainscoting What is wainscoting? It is a decorative wood panelling that typically covers the lower portion of a wall. It found existence in the 18th Century and known...

    Posted On December 21, 2023

    “Less is More” – Designing with Simplicity and Elegance

    Have you ever heard the saying “Less is More”? Many architects adopt this aphorism, linked to the pioneering architect Ludwig Mies van der Rohe, regarded as one of the pioneers...

    Posted On December 18, 2023

    30 Types of Roofs and Ideas to Boost Your Home’s Aesthetic

    India showcases an impressive diversity in types of roofs, each embodying a distinct cultural heritage and architectural style. From the grandeur of Mughal-inspired domes to the South’s sloping tiled roofs,...

    Posted On December 15, 2023

    Demolished Buildings: 15 Architectural Icons That Are Now Memory

    Whether demolished buildings or not, architecture holds value at the time to serve its functional purpose. In addition, design, spaces, and materials that uplift its aesthetic values support the functions...

    Posted On December 01, 2023

    Ligne Roset’s Exclusive Mumbai Furniture Store: India’s First Outlet

    Bringing its 163-year legacy to India, the family-owned Ligne Roset has opened its first exclusive Mumbai Furniture Store in Prabhadevi. They offer a thoughtful space where end consumers can engage...

    Posted On November 27, 2020

    A Modern Gallery Camouflaging With And Niched Amidst Mumbai Heritage Precinct | Rooshad Shroff

    A Modern Gallery Camouflaging With And Niched Amidst Mumbai Heritage Precinct | Rooshad Shroff We inaugurated our new gallery in November of 2020, ensconced between two clients’ premises; the Hermès...