Lighting Designed was Inspired by Shell Pearls

Lighting Designed was Inspired by Shell Pearls. Designer Lucie Koldova has created Jack o’Lantern, a modern lighting element that has metal frames with a ‘pearl’ placed within them. Designed for lighting manufacturer Brokis, the ‘pearl’ is a handblown matte sphere, that’s placed within the geometric frame. The light comes in a variety of options, like a pendant light,[Read More]

Versatile Wood Shelving System Designed by Artem Zakharchenko

Artem Zakharchenko has designed the ‘Gate’ furniture system that consists of a wood shelving unit that can be used in a variety of ways.The shelving unit has movable wooden bars that are placed on a metal rod, enabling the function of the unit to change whenever needed. When used in the kitchen or dining area, the shelving[Read More]

40+awesome wood vessels

40+awesome wood vessels There are many things which matters for making a person eat, one of the matter from that is vessels you use for serving food.Wooden vessels are so appealing that one if not in mood of eating wood eat the food if served properly. This is want happens with me and so i[Read More]

60+ DIY Painted Pots Ideas

60+ DIY Painted Pots Ideas I live in a place where harsh summers starts now in April-may,this harsh sunlight makes me think why not use it to our fullest,rather then cursing the harsh light use it. I have my hobby of gardening as well as painting so combining both together,I did the collection of painted[Read More]

Architecture Student Spends 10 Months Drawing New York City In Incredible Detail

Architecture Student Spends 10 Months Drawing New York City In Incredible Detail Egyptian young man Hossam Mohamed drew New York city just on 70*100 cm paper incredible detail. It took him 10 months to finish this ink drawing. Hossam is still an undergraduate student in the architecture department. He started drawing 2 years ago but[Read More]

60+Amazing Rugs design collection

60+Amazing Rugs design collection Sometimes minute things makes a lot of difference in the space,one such thing is rug. Rugs and its design and what kind of Rugs you use make the whole space different sometimes. Here i have made the 60+collection of Rugs design to make spaces better and uniquely design from other space[Read More]

Minimal Table Design

Minimal Table Design The table is designed with minimal style, the Minimato table deserves an equally minimal explanation: 5 bars, 1 table top,making it classy and innovative product-minimal table design. Designer: Matthias Ferwagner

50+ Amazing Geometric Design Patterns

50+ Amazing Geometric Design Patterns Geometric Design Patterns is a part of our furniture design inspiration series. Furniture design inspirational series is a weekly showcase of incredible furniture designs from all around the world. Design Inspiration >>> 60+ Wall Mirror Design Inspiration     Note: THE ARCHITECT’S DIARY claims no credit for any images featured on this site[Read More]

Clay Tiles Reincarnated Designed By Manoj Patel Design Studio

Clay Tiles Reincarnated Designed By Manoj Patel Design Studio   Project description Products are part of a new wave of designers focusing on eco-friendly design and finding an outcome to many issues. Here, a broad spectrum of issues are demonstrated by the idea of unused traditional clay roof-tiles from waste of old buildings that are[Read More]

Filling Pieces exhibition by Flip Ziedses Des Plantes at Paris Fashion Week

Good shoes take you good places,’ goes the saying. Flip Ziedses Des Plantes turns this expression on its head, having designed an exhibition for footwear brand Filling Pieces at Paris Fashion Week that is now overtaking the Amsterdam-based label’s retail presence around the world. The design studio created the ‘sneaker landscapes’ exhibition at the heart[Read More]