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Posted On May 21, 2024

15 Green Technologies for Buildings to Build a Sustainable Future

Green technologies for buildings are not just buzzwords but a crucial aspect of India’s sustainable development narrative. As the country grapples with rapid urbanization and environmental challenges, the adoption of...

Posted On May 18, 2024

EZHA Heritage Reviving the Past Traditional Techniques and Community Collaboration

We are delighted to have the co-founders of EZHA Heritage to shed light on reviving the past traditional techniques and community collaboration with us today. EZHA Heritage is an acclaimed...

Posted On May 15, 2024

Treasures of Tradition and Heritage by Parul Zaveri| Abhikram Architects

In a world where the rush for modernity often eclipses the treasures of tradition and heritage, architect Parul Zaveri stands as a beacon of balance. Join us as we delve...

Posted On May 15, 2024

Reinterpretation of Building Materials by Deepa Suriyaprakash

Welcome to a discussion on the innovative reinterpretation of building materials, presented by Deepa Suriyaprakash at the Indian Interior Design and Architecture Summit (IIDA) 2023. This event, featured a panel...