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Posted On June 08, 2024

3D Printing In Architecture: Design Of The Future

3D printing in Architecture has become an important technology in recent years. Architects were habituated to making models manually to visually convey the design. This process of manual model-making was...

Posted On May 17, 2024

A Guide Into Exhibition Design in the Age of AI

Exhibition design illustrates the art of entangling intricate tales into tangible spaces, where narratives harmoniously blend with the beholder’s soul. It is a sacred symphony, orchestrating the myriad elements to...

Posted On April 15, 2024

Latest Scan-To-Design Feature By SketchUp Makes Design Easy

Interior design is all about visualizing a space a long time before execution. The usual practice for any designer is to go to the site, get the measurements, draft an...

Posted On April 12, 2024

15 Ways AI In Architecture Can Shape The Future

Technological advancements and AI in architecture are evolving with time. AI, popularly known as artificial intelligence, is one such tool that makes our creations less time-consuming and our visions more...

  • Posted On December 19, 2023

    Floating City – 8 Requirements to Tackle the Environmental Crisis

    The concept of a Floating City is fictitious as well as semi-fictitious in nature. The inception of new designs, products, or concepts has also been part of the result of...

    Posted On October 27, 2023

    Guide to Smart Home Design: Everything You Need to Know

    Introduction to Smart Home Design Smart Home Design, in today’s fast-paced world, has become more than a futuristic dream. It has evolved into a practical and attainable reality for homeowners...

    Posted On October 25, 2023

    Urban Artificial Intelligence: How To Design A Thinking City

    Research based on Urban Artificial Intelligence has come a long way since the founding of OpenAI in 2016–17. Objects are starting to possess a sense of awareness and judgmental decision-making...