Celebrating Tropical Architecture and Traditional Goan Spatial Luxury in this Villa Design | Busride Design Studio

The First House takes you back in time to celebrate tropical, Goan architecture. Comforting you in its intricacies, nostalgic tiled roof and embellished pilasters, evokes a sense of bygone vintage luxury while it matures into subtle, modernist values with colors used. The villa breathes into lush greenery, quaint seating in the backyard overlooking the greens,[Read More]

Contemporary Interior Design and Traditional Architecture | Vishwakarma

Thorat Villa – The Twin House – The design approach for these 4BHK contemporary interior design residences at Peth vadgaon, Kolhapur was to create spaces that are constantly connected to the outside. The planning revolved around a landscaped Central Courtyard and a very honest Material Palette. Contemporary Interior Design and Traditional Architecture | Vishwakarma Visit: Vishwakarma[Read More]

Iconic Ideation of Flower Clouds for Metro Station Design in China | Mask Architects + Jiang & Associates Design

We are often in a rush to go about our ways, counting minutes waiting for the trains or bus. These transit spaces have the ability to channel your psychological momentum which directly or indirectly affects your subsequent activities. This metro station design in China mingles commuters’ activities, their time on this station, their daily routines[Read More]

Restoring Inclusiveness Through Workspaces is an Excerpt of this Office Space Design | Earthitects

Has workspace design observed a progressive shift in terms of human-centric design? Is it a change from usual built ways or is it more like an evolving conclusion of a narrative that a workplace builds, exclusive to users, designers and visitors? Bringing about a new array of perspectives, challenging the convention, restoring humanity and inclusiveness[Read More]

Dominance of Ordered Chaos with Recurrent Patterns & Statement Décor in Maximalist Modern Home | Cubix Global

There are no jagged edges in the décor of this modern home; everything is very soft, very Victorian, almost, very mellow and gradual. In every site, Prachi always tries to use one element as a feature and in this residence it is textures; soft, mottled and transparent – these are used rather cleverly to create[Read More]

Café Design that Uses Contemporary Mediterranean Ambience and Industrial Décor | Projected Rays Design

Brew estate Mohali, a chic cafe design is an atmospheric sequence of spaces inspired by old pubs and night clubs on lower floor whereas the terrace flips into a Mediterranean sunset environment for the romantics. Café Design that Uses Contemporary Mediterranean Ambience and Industrial Décor | Projected Rays Design Visit: Projected Rays Design The entrance[Read More]

Balance of Discipline and Creativity Reflects in this Modern Office Design | Noir Studio

Noir Studio, a designer’s office, narrates a new perspective of design practice and a balance of discipline and creativity which reflects in this modern office design. The finesse of this design language, visual palette reflecting truthfulness, meticulous details in furniture and graphical identity of the space and practice forms an interesting lyrical workspace. ~Yamini Vaswani[Read More]

Charcoal Palette, Earthy Neutrals and Moody Décor Adorns Luxury Home Design | Design Attire

The 3000 sq ft penthouse in Dehradun just embodies the spirit of our design philosophy, aiming for a modern, luxurious home design. Charcoal Palette, Earthy Neutrals and Moody Décor Adorns Luxury Home Design | Design Attire Visit: Design Attire It is an elegant space bound by straight lines in architecture while retaining its flow by[Read More]

Serenity Villa: An Extension of Luxury Parallel to Natural Forces and Sustainable Architecture | Karvi Design Studio

Sunlight and architecture, an affable relationship seems to be the binding factor of this uber luxurious villa. A stark contrast is observed in the exterior and interior characters of this space. While the façade and landscaping minutely resembles elements from Japanese architecture and sustainable architecture with floating roofs as a champion feature, a conscious integration[Read More]

Multitude of Design Details and Décor Accents Enliven this Modern Design Apartment | U and I Designs

Multitude of textures, colors, forms, design details, décor accents enliven this compact apartment. Sensible, sensitive and systematic arrangement of influential modern design of every element in this floor space is a captivating feature. Ample sunlight emphasizes shades and shadows – the ever changing elements in ratio with the constant ones. ~Yamini Vaswani Multitude of Design[Read More]