Top 20 Architects in Bangalore, Karnataka, India

Turning an empty plot and executing an entire design from plinth to top is like taking a blank canvas and painting an entire story on it! Architects are creators; creators of spaces, giving life and meaning to them. The Architects not only represent their city, but are also extraordinarily responsible in shaping the city’s skyline.The[Read More]

Top 30 Interior Designers in Bangalore, Karnataka, India

The creative community holds the power to shape the way of how people perceive Interior Design. Achieving the Functionality of a Space while also making it Aesthetically Pleasing, with respect to specific typologies and catering to each class of clientele uniquely, turning their basic requirements into awe-inspiring designs is no less than art itself. The[Read More]

Apartment Interiors Designed In Glamorous Yet Contemporary Style | VINAY AND RASHMI

‘Vinay and Rashmi’ as a studio believes in the concept of “God is in the details”. Every minute detail contributes to the beauty of the space. The lighting, color and texture in the house is designed according to the emotions a space witnesses. Apartment Interiors Designed In Glamorous Yet Contemporary Style | VINAY AND RASHMI[Read More]

A Unique Color Scheme In This Compact 3BHK Apartment | Simplécede

The white washes, blue seas, beige sand, lush green, pops of many shades that shine bright in a very mellow sunshine. With 1285 sqft area and built up area of 1540sqft, each space has a unique color scheme in this compact 3BHK apartment. Some subtle, some bold but a definite character. And when it all[Read More]

This Ritzy Abode Has Carved A Niche In Luxury Interiors | deSigneR

A medley of unprecedented craftsmanship and meticulous attention to detail, this ritzy abode has carved a niche in luxury interiors. To begin with, this apartment is perched on a higher floor and has an undisputed view of green hills of Powai. Emboldened by the client’s exuberant personality, a collaborative choice was made to create this[Read More]

Gurwani’s Boutique, A Colourful Designer Fashion House | SHAPE MY SPACE

A designer simply wants their shop to be as ideal as possible in order to fulfill their thoughts and ideas. When a designer’s ideas and an interior designer’s broader perspective come together, a venue like ‘Gurwani’s Boutique’ is created! But we also face some challenges to make this boutique a dream place for our client. It[Read More]

A Classic Yet Contemporary House That Oozes Affluence | ARCH TRIANGLE

The Spacious 2100 sq.ft apartment with an elongated floor plan encompasses 4 bedrooms and an open – living and dining area. The project reflects the client’s requirement of a classic yet contemporary house that oozes affluence. A Classic Yet Contemporary House That Oozes Affluence | Arch Triangle Visit : Arch Triangle The entrance foyer is rendered[Read More]

‘Vanaja’ The Courtyard House Is A Tribute To Our Culture And Heritage | VRIKSH

Named after the client’s grandmother, ‘Vanaja’ the courtyard house is a tribute to our culture and heritage. The home is located at Manipal which is a beautiful hilltop town that has views of the Arabian sea on the west and the western ghats to its east. While the home essentially has southern vibes celebrating local[Read More]

Home That Is A Testament To Luxury And Sophistication | Moi Den Interiors

Moi Den Interiors’ recent Interior Design project at Niti Bagh, New Delhi, is home that is a testament to luxury and sophistication. The house is designed to reflect the client’s personality and everyday practical needs, while at the same time catering to their sense of aesthetics. Home That Is A Testament To Luxury And Sophistication[Read More]

A Spacious Experience Centre For Sanitary Ware and Tiles Showroom | LE ARCH

Our Client brief was to design a tiles sanitary showroom and office. We had a land area of 5000 sq.m which we planned and designed with a warehouse, display centre & toilet facilities. The scope was identified as floor planning, facade design, landscape and interiors. With the requirements of the client, came along the passion for their[Read More]