A Subtle And Classy Aesthetic Residence Design | And Studio

A Subtle And Classy Aesthetic Residence Design | And Studio With a simple yet enormously posh moving façade, transparent glass walls and wide entrance made of an articulated revolving door, the residence gives you a sense of freedom and class. Designer: And Studio &nbsp Modernism and modern architecture has redefined the urban fabric and the lifestyle[Read More]

A Restaurant Interior with Essence of Rajasthan | Minnie Bhatt Designs

A Restaurant Interior with Essence of Rajasthan | Minnie Bhatt Designs When the client approached me for the project what excited me was the name..it would mean creating a quirky yet classy ambiance with exciting possibilities. Designer: Minnie Bhatt Designs &nbsp The restaurant was previously being done by another designer and when I got on board I[Read More]

5 Ideas to make garden look better on budget

Investing in some quality plants is one way to go about making your garden more attractive and for those who can’t afford the fees, there are several ideas to make the garden look better on budget. However, there are so many different ways to go about getting that garden decorating done for those who can’t[Read More]

Residence Design with An Asymmetrical Expression | Reflective Practices

Residence Design with An Asymmetrical Expression | Reflective Practices This project had a special requirement of having two different houses appearing as one from outside. The clients are a family of ten and they are used to staying as a joint family. With the increasing need for space, the families are split into two similar units[Read More]

10 Kitchen Remodeling Tips from Kitchen Remodeling Experts

Have you been thinking about starting a remodeling project for a while, but you aren’t sure how to begin? Renovating your kitchen is a big deal, and exciting time for you as a homeowner. A remodeled kitchen can not only make you feel happier about your home, but it can also drastically increase the home’s[Read More]

How to Maintain Your Air-Conditioner in Time for Summer

The days are getting lighter and warmer in the northern hemisphere as we head towards the new season, and it’s time to ask yourself if your air conditioner is summer-ready. Now is a great time to check if your aircon is in good working order before the endless summer days kick in. Why is Aircon[Read More]

Some secrets and factors to consider when working with a pool contractor

With the sheer number of swimming pool companies and contractors listed on the internet, it isn’t straightforward to choose the right one if you are looking to install a pool at your premises. There are some genuinely top-dollar services out there, and some are not quite up to the mark. So, how to go about[Read More]

Best way to clean carpet and tile floors for home

Gone are the days when floors were considered a mere bottom part of a structure. Modern flooring is a center of attraction in most establishments. Whether it’s a home or office, elegantly-designed floors transform a simple place and create a lasting impression in the minds of guests. However, it may be difficult to clean both[Read More]