House With Tailor-Made Spaces | Archemist Architects

House With Tailor-Made Spaces | Archemist Architects This home of a businessman has been perfectly expressed to suit his love of entertaining. ‘This house had to be grand, with tailor-made spaces to multi-adapt to family functions, feasts with friends, and more formal moments when hosting executive guests.’ The average plot size in most of the[Read More]

Hacks to Create a Modern Interior Design

The world’s best designers also want to save a few bucks now and then, but don’t want their rooms to look like it. What if you could create an amazing home using dollar store decorating hacks? It’s really  just about combining cool ideas with good taste. And if you’re not the creative type, don’t worry![Read More]

The Flashblack Lounge -Warm Colour Palette and Engaging Graffiti | Urban Zen

The Flashblack Lounge -Warm Colour Palette and Engaging Graffiti | Urban Zen Designed with the nostalgia and exuberance of glistening past memories, Flashblack explicitly instills fond snippets of years gone by, emphasizing that ‘there is something for everyone.’ Spread over an area of 15,000 sq. ft , this multi-level lounge and bar, is a harmonized[Read More]

Fencing Tips That You Shouldn’t Skip

Experts in DIY have compiled several fence installations tips you must include, to ensure that you get the most out of such DIY installation. The following tips are some of the most essential you should consider right now. Make Sure it Sets Before Sealing Once the fence installation is complete, it is important to allow[Read More]

Common Mistakes Made When Renovating Your Kitchen
How To Choose The Best Backsplash To Complete The Look Of Your New Kitchen

The kitchen is not only the cooking spot of your home but a hub for many gatherings involving family and friends.  You may have adorned the living room with all your favorite designing ideas, but when it comes to savoring the delicacies, you have to head towards the kitchen. Often, you will love to spend[Read More]

Retail Hub –Modern Aesthetic & Functional Finesse | AS Architects

Retail Hub –Modern Aesthetic & Functional Finesse | AS Architects Mumbai-based Architectural Studio AS Architects unveils their design for a 1275 Sq. Ft Luxury Décor venue that is the amalgamation of chic design sensibilities & the quintessential ambiance.  Located in the acclaimed design retail hub – Laxmi Industrial Estate of Mumbai, the Blancora store makes[Read More]

Renovation cleaning – Important facts to remember

Renovating an office space is a difficult task! However, it brings you long-term benefits as well. But when the renovation work gets done, it is essential to keep a few facts in mind. You sure do need to make good use of the new office space, but you should also get the same cleaned. Post-renovation[Read More]

Stretch ceiling systems help to overcome the problems of popcorn ceiling replacement

Few people would like to have a bare ceiling at homes or offices and would prefer to have some kind of decorative texture added to it that beautifies the interior. The concept of beautifying homes with textured ceilings led to the enormous popularity of popcorn ceilings, also known as acoustic ceiling and cottage cheese ceiling. [Read More]