Contemporary Elegance of Living Spaces and Old World Charm of Rustic Homes | The Crossboundaries

Imagine a place of serenity and awakening by a tranquil river. A flurry of bird sounds becomes a constant backdrop for a space of calm shadows, witnessing the playful movement of time. Amidst this lushness and rustic setting, a composition of stark greys and whites sits like a pristine object on the river’s edge. This[Read More]

Residence that Scripts the Intangible for Dramatic Design Interventions | Manoj Patel Design Studio

Residence of 2200 Sq.ft plot area resides in the dense core of Vadodara city’s hustle and bustle near the main airport area. The site faces a street on the south side. All other sides are surrounded by neighboring houses on east and west side. The brief received was to find calmness in the chaos of[Read More]

Residence that Exudes Glamour with Classic Design and Abstract Accents | Project Inc

The residence is consciously planned separating spaces for various purposes on different levels, in this classic design residence, the entrance is in two levels, one leads to the office area in stilt level which allows residents to attend formal meetings, giving a complete privacy of informal spaces from formal space yet keeping them connected, another[Read More]

Diverse Textures making for a Dramatic yet Luxurious Salon Experience | The Storey Collective

The brief was to convert a bare shell into a luxe medi salon like no other, Anlon being the brainchild of Dr Nisha, a leading dermatologist and Mr Appu, a celebrity stylist had to have an ambience conducive to clients who would having a great makeover as well get treated dermatologically. A calm vibe yet[Read More]

Aligning Spatial Volumes in this Office with Core Principles of Horizontal and Vertical Planes | Studio Infinity

The client approached us to design their main office in a new space they had purchased to fulfill their growing needs. At our disposal was a tight commercial space and overwhelming spatial requirements. So our initial thought process started by segregating their functional requirements and defining a smooth circulation between various departments. The visitor and[Read More]

Wellness Center that Embraces Warmth & Minimalism | HundredDesigns

The arched metal door opens into the waiting area of this wellness center, while sitting in waiting area one is visually carried to another arched door that leads to the meeting area which has a “AUM” on the central wall made beautifully in thread art. Wellness Center that Embraces Warmth & Minimalism | HundredDesigns Visit:[Read More]

Workspace Design that Leverages Creativity & Optimism through its Systematic Design Decisions | Envisage

Tactical architectural planning is crucial in the curation of memorable spatial experiences, more importantly in workspace design. There is a growing need for bespoke solutions, not just for the user, but specific to the context and requirements of a space. In post-pandemic workspace design, there is a need to recognize highly transformative planning methods, where[Read More]

Atypical Luxury that fuses Modern yet Elements of Classic Design | Transform Design Studio

Every inch in this modern home is special to us, but the one area that has my heart, is the entrance foyer where a high gloss veneer paneled wall has numerous vertical boxes of lights at different heights that creates drama of sorts which compliments beautifully with the long storage console finished in high gloss[Read More]

Earthy tan admirably holding a Visual Interaction of Sorts | We Create

This 2700 Sq.ft contemporary residence, home to a family of six, is located overlooking the Brahmaputra River in Guwahati. It was designed over an elaborate period of 3 months by We Create. An earthy tan, cream, grey and green color palette, as well as the use of wood, stone, marble and Glass, admirably hold together[Read More]

Residential Design Playing Meticulously with the Volumes | Studio8055

This residential design plot area is 3600 Sq.ft. which is located in (Miryalaguda) surrounded by, apartment, residences on adjoining sides and is accessed from the east & north. The façade is flanked by dead walls and open terraces at different levels to cut the direct entry of sunlight thus acting as buffer for the main[Read More]